One of the most trusted brands – Culligan water softeners.

It is hard to believe today that one of the most trusted brands in the water treatment industry, Culligan, had its humble beginnings in a blacksmiths shop. It was in the year 1936 that Emmett Culligan started this enterprise in a shop in Northbrook, Illinois.

Greensand was used to calculate the flow of water and the elimination of grains from it. Since then this company has spread its presence in over 90 countries all over the world. It has interests in bottled water, filtration systems, water softeners and other water treatment products. Many businesses and homes have a Culligan water treatment system in their premises all over the globe.

Culligan is one of the many reputed manufacturers of water treatment products that make our life healthy by ensuring that hard water is softened and we get crystal clear pure water. Culligan claims that the water treated in their systems is 99.99% pure and free of almost all contaminants and impurities. Not only do they get rid of harmful bacteria and other suspended particles but also take care of dissolved chemicals and minerals in water that are harmful for human and animal consumption.

Culligan water softeners ensures that your expensive home appliances like water filters, boilers, utensils, bathroom pipes and other fixtures like taps, showerheads etc are all spotless and clean. Your clothes also look whiter and feel softer and so does your skin and hair. You spend less on detergents for your washing machine and dishwater and your car looks neat and shines when washed with the soft water from Culligan.

As for the health benefits there are many. You will no longer suffer from itchiness of the skins and your small children will not have those difficult to explain rashes. Perhaps the best thing about these water softeners is that your coffee smells and tastes like never before and you don’t have to spend through your nose for electricity.

There are several models of Culligan to choose from and you will find one that will suit your requirement and fit in your budget. The platinum series of water softeners is one product which has the highest flow rate and capacity in the Culligan family. This unit is made keeping in mind the needs of a large family. It is also suitable for a small business. Use of high quality non corrosive pistons along with the much acclaimed and patented Aqua sensor regeneration makes softeners from this series a must buy. The regeneration takes place only when it is necessary and tanks come with a lifetime warranty.

Culligan Medallist Plus series – this is specially designed for the small sized nuclear families. The water flow is good and there is no drop in water pressure. A meter notes the amount of water used and triggers the regeneration automatically. The tanks are made of tough fiberglass and the company promises that units in this range last a very long time. Different capacities are offered in this series.

There is also the series for outdoors called the Culligan outdoor water softeners. This is generally supplied by the local Culligan dealer.
In short Culligan has a product for each and every individual no matter what their requirement is. However, the Culligan compact water softeners are a bit noisy but this only drawback can be easily overlooked due to the presence of many outstanding qualities that this water softener has.