Home delivery spring water

People are sometimes confused about bottled drinking water and bottled home delivery spring water. It looks and sounds the same but there are differences in both that you may not be aware of. Actually most of the bottled water is crystal clear and clean, of very high quality and also tastes good. But all water types though referred to as “spring water” is not accurate. What differentiate different bottled water is the origin and the methods of processing the water.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a federal agency that has regulated different types of bottled water and have also established the guidelines or standards that have classified the bottled water into different types:

Spring Water: This type of water is derived from a formation that is underground from which it flows to the surface of the earth naturally. The water has to be collected at the spring or even through a borehole that taps the underground formation from where the water feeds the spring, to be qualified as “spring water”. If external forces are used to collect the water then it is necessary for the water to retain the physical properties and quality of water flowing naturally to the surface.

Purified water: This water has been processed by distillation, reverse osmosis or deionization. This means that the dissolved solids and bacteria is removed making it pure.

Mineral Water: This water has not less than 250ppm of total dissolved solids and no minerals are added to the water.
Sparkling bottled water: This type of water can be labeled as sparkling spring water, sparkling mineral water or sparkling drinking water. It is the fizzy kind and has the same amount of carbon dioxide when it emerged from the source.

Artesian water: This is also called artesian well water because the well taps a confined aquifer.

Well water: This is water from a well that taps the source of water underground.

Tap water: This of course is what is piped into your home. This water must meet the strict standards and regulations of the Environment Protection Agency and is of excellent quality but majority of the people prefer the home delivery spring water that is so much more convenient and which also has undergone processing that has retained the characteristics of the source.

Home delivery spring water services have to make sure that they supply you with bottled spring water that has met the necessary standards. State Governments certify and inspect the “sources” of the spring water. This means that samples of the spring water were analyzed and found sanitary and safe according to regulations. Make sure that the home delivery spring water company you have chosen is the best one to suit your needs. Research is necessary to find out all about their customer service and the type of bottled spring water they deliver. A stringent and good quality assurance process is imperative.