8 Stage Water Purifier and Re-vitalizer

As the world has woken up to the fact that water contamination has reached alarming levels, most of the water filter manufacturers have been researching and developing advanced filtration systems to bring the cleanest and purest water at the twist of a tap. A good water purifier delivers safe drinking water and helps us save the money spent on bottled drinking water. With advanced technology, newer and better purifiers have become available. The 8 stage water purifier and re-vitalizer is one such purifier which promises to deliver clean, pure and healthy water.

The 8 stage water purifier and re-vitalizer is a very small water purification system compared to its long name. It is ideal for small families and even individuals. The entire system consists of a ceramic filter, ion exchange resins, activated granular carbon, mineral beads, energy beads and magnetic stones which not only clean the water, but also enhance the taste and make the water slightly alkaline to match the natural P-H balance of human body. The various media are placed and used in a manner to infuse the water with trace minerals which are beneficial for humans.

In the 8 stage water purifier and revitalizer the ceramics filter is capable of removing most of the sediments, rust, and dirt. Even bacteria like E-Coli and cryptosporidium get removed at this stage itself. The water thus is free from sediments and bacteria. Then the ion exchange resins soften the water by adjusting calcium and magnesium content in water, making it smoother in drinking.

After this the activated carbon block takes care of chlorine smell and taste, making the water clear and chlorine free. Next we find mineral stones layer which is a revolutionary addition to the regular filtration system. When water passes through these stones, it gets infused with trace minerals and becomes slightly alkaline, matching the human body P-H balance.

Then water passes through a carbon block combined with a zinc-copper compound which traps heavy metals like mercury and also restricts the growth of bacteria, making the water completely pure. Then there is another unique feature, the energy beads which are made of ceramic clay. They emit Far infra red rays which cause strong vibrations to break down water molecules so that they get absorbed into the body easily. Finally, the magnetic stones create a magnetic field which breaks down the water molecules to even smaller clusters making the water thoroughly energized.

The 8 stage water purifier and revitalizer is actually very beneficial for common ailments like arthritis, asthma, backaches, urinary problems, constipation, diabetes, high blood pressure, stress and obesity. The water obtained from this purifier is not only clean, it is also mineralized and the smaller clusters of water molecules make it very easy for the body cells to absorb and use this water. The water is oxygenated and is the best water to mix baby food with.

The foods and beverages prepared with this water taste very good. This purifier is very easy to install and maintain and provides health enhancing water for users. The right alkalinity of water also helps fight acidity which is a lifestyle disorder caused by unhealthy eating habits and stress. This water purifier is truly a revitalizer in every sense.