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Which water machine should you choose?

They come in a number of different sizes and styles and there are hundreds of companies who manufacture them. The following article hopes to introduce you to the most common designs and the merits of having such machines installed whether in a domestic situation or in the office.

One of the most common machines found in the office environment is a plumbed water cooler. These machines are hooked up directly to the mains ensuring chilled water on tap all year round. Because these machines are hooked to the mains they do not require refilling and you are not at the mercy of suppliers if they prove unreliable in deliveries, they can be fitted with filters for great tasting pure water.

Plumbed machines are simple to install and free up space in the work place, as there is no need to store water bottles. They also reduce any risk to the health and safety of staff, as there is no potential for injury when changing the bottles.

Bottled water coolers are machines that rely on deliveries of bottled water. They do not need to be attached to the mains, so they can be stationed anywhere in the office or at home. They supply clean drinking water. There is no need to attach filters as the water supplied is from a bottled source so any impurities are removed beforehand.

The bottled water cooler is popular because of its ease of use and more control over when deliveries arrive and which suppliers the water comes from, if one supplier lets you down its very easy to switch to another supplier.

Water fountains are commonly found in schools gyms and factories. Like plumbed machines they are directly linked to the mains and can have a filter attached so they provide clean drinking water.

Fountains are also more environmentally friendly as they do not require plastic bottles or cups.

A number of products intended for domestic use include HydroTaps and Under Sink Water Filters. There is very little difference between the two; the Under Sink Water Filter is installed under the sink; the HydroTaps take up more room, utilising a whole cupboard. The water comes from a separate tape installed on your sink and filtered through a Britta water filter.

Another product for domestic use is the Reverse Osmosis Filter. This machine filters 98% of all contaminants from water giving you a distilled water source. This is a great way of getting pure water from the tap.

So there are a number of water machines on the market, each with their own merits and each aiming to dispense clean fresh water whether in the work place or at home.

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