Water purifier for vegetables ensure that they are disinfected and detoxified

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is known to be very good for your health. However, we have also heard about the risk of eating some of these raw without cooking. They are sometimes a source of food borne illnesses. There are pesticides and fertilizers used when cultivating vegetables. There is a possibility of bacteria and viruses being present which may not make it safe to eat vegetables without proper cleaning. Commonly chlorine is used to remove the microbes. At home you would either wash or rinse these vegetables before use. This may not be enough and using water purifier like the ozone purifier for vegetables may provide a way to ensure that vegetables are safe for consumption.

When you wash vegetables with water or clean them with a brush, it may not always be possible to get rid of the microbes entirely. Typically you may use distilled water which may help reduce residual pesticides or may use ozone water purification systems. Ozone water purifiers for vegetables use the nature’s way of cleaning and make your vegetables safe. It also increases the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

There are different types of ozone water purifiers for vegetables. There are systems like Vege-Kleen that are perfect for homes. Ozone has the ability to penetrate bacterial wall from vegetables and destroy it. The process of oxidation ensures that you get sterile clean water for fruits and vegetables and prevent spoilage. Ozone is highly effective in detoxification of vegetables. It is around 300 to 2000 times more capability as compared to chlorine in killing microbes. Even the chemical fertilizers and pesticides present of vegetables become inert components with ozone water purification. After chlorine does its job of killing microbes there is often a toxic residue left out. However, ozone disinfects vegetables and fruits and then reverts to oxygen with no toxic residue. Vege-Kleen ozone water purifiers for vegetables easily fit under the counter. You can feel the difference when using vegetables cleaned using these purifiers.

Another ozone water purifier is Nature Kleen. It is an effective, portable, low cost water purification system for vegetables. The best part is that it does not need any additional faucet installation and you can place it on counter top whenever you need it. To use it you simply need to fill a sink or bowl with water. Then you place the hose into water with a diffuser stone and turn on the unit. In about 3 to 5 minutes the stone diffuses ozone into water. When you place the vegetables in water for some time the ozone works towards destroying bacteria, viruses, fungi and even pesticides present from vegetables. With the removal of fertilizers and pesticides and other harmful microbes you can actually feel the taste of food and not that of pesticides or fertilizers.

Water purifiers for vegetables need to be a part of our kitchen. They would help you ensure clean and sanitized vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood and poultry. Vegetables free of agricultural chemicals and pathogens would ensure that these products really prove to be highly healthy for your body.

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