Whole house iron water filters and softners help reduce hard water scaling and iron staining

Hard water scaling and iron contaminations are a major problem with well water and even municipal water. Iron contamination may be in form of particulates, rust etc or may be dissolved iron present in water. Hard water is also a cause of scaling. Staining by iron as well as scaling caused by hard water can cause damage to plumbing fixtures and household appliances. Removal of iron is possible with help of water filters. Hard water can be improved using softeners. For freedom from hard water with iron contamination you can install whole house iron water filter with softenrs to ensure clear and soft water free from iron.

We are aware of iron water filters which can be either installed at point of use or for entire house. If water causes staining of laundry, bathtubs, showers, clothes washer, dish washers, as well causes damage to the plumbing systems then what may be preferred is whole house iron water filters. If there is unsightly staining and scaling due to hard water then having softeners along with these systems can be a great relief. There are some systems available like the “Iron Eater” from Raindance Water systems. It is designed to soften the hard water as well as remove manganese, iron etc from water. The softener has the ability to remove about 110 grains per gallon of hardness. It can remove about 25ppm of ferrous as well as ferric iron from water.

Hard water scaling can be very unsightly. Such scaling can affect the efficiency of household appliances like water heaters, icemakers, coffeemakers, dishwashers etc. Softened water free from contaminants like iron can allow savings on costs which often shoot up due to scaling. Moreover with reduced probability of staining costs related to cleaning products would reduce with reduced need for usage. The effect is visible on glassware and silverware as well as clothes. You can feel the difference with softeners helping cleaning of things and adding a sparkle. It is very easy to install such filters on the main supply line of your homes to ensure soft and clean tap water throughout.

Whole house water filters for iron and softener systems often use fine mesh resin on a bed of fine garnet or pyrolox. The fine resin creates a filter about five times more effective than standard resins which is excellent for removal of ferric iron. The resin kinetic i.e. repeated touching of water to resin effectively removes iron. The overall effect is highly reduced amount of iron in water. You may find an improvement in water flow and pressure as there is less scale buildup in pipes. The water that you get is pure and clean and free from most contaminants.

Regular maintenance and monitoring of whole house iron filters with softeners ensures their efficiency is not affected. The life of filters may vary depending upon the level of contamination. If iron contamination is taken care of and hard water substantially improved with softeners you can feel assured of consuming clean and pure water as well as get freedom from rust stains on plumbing and other appliances.