Water purifier + water bottle ensures totally safe drinking water

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could carry your personal water filtration plant wherever you went so as to get pure drinking water? Well, you can now get access to really pure water and that too while saving the environment and a lot of money at the same time. All you need is a water purifier with a water bottle. In other words, a water purifier + water bottle ensures totally safe drinking water.

A water purifier is a compact filter fitted inside a water bottle. This filter consists of several protective layers normally consisting of ion-exchange elements, iodine, along with activated carbon and charcoal that prevent all harmful chemicals, minerals and bacteria from entering your body. This filter forms a very strong protective barrier against heavy metals, micro-organisms, cysts and chemicals that might have infected the water. The purification system works when you fill the bottle from water from any source such as a tap or a faucet, a lake, pond or stream and squeeze the bottle. The water is now forced into the filter where all these contaminants get trapped or neutralized thereby resulting in totally pure water flowing out of the output nozzle.

The water purifier in the bottle thus helps immensely when you are traveling, playing outdoor sports that require a lot of strenuous movements or hiking, jogging, running or cycling. The filtered water that can be accepted from any source ensures that you get fresh drinking water when you are away from home. This arrangement is like having your own filtration plant on the move that supplies pure filtered water on demand. Even though your home might have a electric powered bottleless floor water purifier along with a cooler that supplies you with contaminant-free drinking water, you can still remain free of water borne diseases as well as remain easily hydrated when you are outside. This filtered water can also be squeezed into your steam iron so as to get steam without any scaling in the long term.

If you have been guzzling down bottles of bottled water till now then you should understand that bottled water causes immense damage to the environment. The bottles require a lot of energy to produce and fuel to transport, while empty bottles can emit toxic smoke when burnt or can lie in landfills for thousands of years without disintegrating. You now have a green choice of shifting over to an environmentally friendly product that also saves money from the very first day itself. You can simply look over products offered by various manufacturers such as Pur and choose the right water purifier and water bottle of the right size that easily slips into your gym, sports and travels bags. You can also stock up on additional filters so that your filtration process is not interrupted.

Although home purifiers can help you to stay safe at home, you certainly need an efficient purifier when you are on the move, sweating it out in your gym or participating in outdoor sports. You can easily remain safe from any pollutant out to attack your body with the right combination of a water purifier and a water bottle. Thus, a water purifier + water bottle truly ensures that your body remains safe from any internal threat to your body while providing you with nourishing drinking water.