brita water filters better than dupont water filters

To ensure that you and your family drink pure form of water, one has to make sure he/she finds the best brand to bring home. Today if you take a look at the market, there are several brands promising best possible water ever. In this scenario making the right choice can become difficult. One has to act smart and choose the one that can actually give filtered water and that too at a price that suits your budget. DuPont water filters are among those brands that assures pure water and that too at an affordable rate.

At the first glance itself you will be impressed with the stylish DuPont water filter and also would love the price it has been offered at. However, once you bring it home and you will be disappointed with the filter that you brought. Just like Brita PUR filters where you need to let water out for at least 2 times, people try doing the same with DuPont. However, even after allowing the carbon to get out, you can hardly figure out if the water is really getting filtered. It is such a disappointment to see impure particles still floating in your glass of water even after filtering with DuPont water filters.

If you go online and check a few reviews you will find that there are very few people who will recommend using DuPont water filters. It may look good, and cheap, but will upset you after looking at its poor quality. On the other hand if you get Brita water filters at home you would never have to face disappointment. Brita is a brand that has been giving excellent services for the past 40 years. This UK based company has its market spread across the globe where filters are shipped at a nominal rate.

Brita offers you purest form of water. Its system makes sure all the impurities like germs, bacteria, and other solid particles are removed from water. With Brita you never have to worry about any water borne diseases and this filter will never let one touch you. Brita water filters have an indicator that informs you well in time about replacing the cartridges so you keep receiving pure water. If you take a look at DuPont water filters they have no such option that will tell you when to change the cartridge. Also Brita is the only brand that can recycle and reuse the cartridges. Of course it goes through a quality check again to meet the high standards.

Brita water filters are packed and sent for retailing only after each piece clears the quality test. Fixing of the Brita cartridges is also easy and one can always refer to the instructions given in the leaflet. Once you fix the cartridges allow water to simply run out of it at least twice. This prepares the cartridge to perform its function and you get pure water after that.

When it comes to comparison between Brita water filters and DuPont, the best choice one can make is certainly Brita. This company has a reputation of offering the best purified water in the industry. If you are looking out for a water filter that is user friendly and hassle free to handle trust me go for Brita, the trusted brand for decades.

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