Use high quality counter top fluoride removing water filters for safe and fluoride free drinking water

Water is vital for a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. Fresh and pure drinking water is of utmost importance, be it for cooking or drinking. However, often there are some contaminants present in the tap water and it may not be safe to use it as it is. That makes it necessary to have some filtering system installed that can make it possible to get clean and pure water. Among the different types of filters available the counter top water filters are highly effective and economical water filters. They are easy to use and have several features that satisfy your filtering needs. The counter top fluoride removing water filters are one such filtering system that enables you to get water free from toxic materials which gets added when fluoride is added to water.

There are several reasons why a fluoride removing water filter would prove to be useful. When fluoride is added to water it may contain some pollutants and toxic materials like lead, mercury, arsenic etc. Though fluoridation of water is done, experts and researchers are against doing so. To remove the harmful material from water a simple solution is to use the fluoride removing water filters. There are two EPA recommendations that can be useful for removing fluoride from drinking water. Activated alumina filter media and reverse osmosis systems are considered the most reliable ways though some companies claim that carbon filters can also remove fluoride. A full cartridge that contains 100% activated alumina is necessary for fluoride removal. The effectiveness of the activated alumina is due to the high surface area to weight ratio with lot of tunnel like pores. This enables a lot of surface area available for water to interact and remove the fluoride and even arsenic. Due to the attraction towards metals about 90% to 98% gets removed.

Most countertop fluoride removing water filters have double cartridge configuration with activated alumina cartridge in first position and KDF/GAC in second. The second cartridge ensures there is no aluminum leaching. The KDF/GAC cartridge also helps remove chlorine, heavy metals, VOCs, etc. At the same time, it retains the required minerals.

Reverse osmosis filters are also useful for removing fluoride from water. It is also known as hyperfiltration. There are semi permeable membranes that allow pure water to pass but stop the contaminants from going through the extremely tiny pores in the membrane. Most have to be combined with carbon and sediment pre-filters, which can be useful in removing organic compounds. Moreover, it prevents the membrane from being fouled or clogged by sediments and other contaminants. Sometimes it may also remove essential minerals from water to some extent. Some experts suggest it is better to use the multi cartridge fluoride removing water filters. There are several countertop water filters that come with two or three canister fluoride removal filtering systems. These are easy to connect to any kitchen faucet. Regular maintenance as per instructions is necessary to get good quality, pure drinking water.

Though municipal water authorities add fluoride, it is not as safe as it was thought to be. It is safer to have counter top fluoride removing water filters that can effectively remove fluoride from water and make it safe for consumption by your family.

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