160 Culligan water filter is a first class solution for the entire household.

Culligan is well known for their unique and high quality water filters. The filtering system has been developed with capability to remove or at least neutralize most contaminants from water. The filters are simple and extremely easy to use. The filters are available in different sizes and types suitable for the needs of every home. Culligan water filters can remove most contaminants, cloudiness, odor and bad taste present in water. The filtration agents; physical, chemical or ultra violet filtration agents are widely used to suit the needs of each household. Culligan offers point-of-use systems, filter systems, total home systems and even pitcher filters. One of the preferred filters is the 160 Culligan water filter.

The Culligan HF-160 Whole house water filters are popular as a great solution for use of water for any purpose in a typical household. The whole house sediment water filter is preferred for the benefit it extends to the household appliances. Often there is collection of dirt, sand and silt due to the municipal water that is available. It causes stains and scaling on various appliances like washing machines, hot water heaters, dishwashers etc. Having the 160 Culligan water filter is beneficial to ensure better utility and life of these appliances.

The Culligan HF-160 is easy to install. It can be done in a matter of minutes. The housing is made durable and clear material, Styrene Acrylonitrile which can be useful in monitoring the water filter cartridge. Moreover, whenever the need for change of cartridge arises the system includes an integrated pressure relief valve. It enables easy cartridge change. The 160 Culligan has a ¾ inch inlet outlet which can be installed on any main cold water line. The filter system has a dynamically sealing and self cleaning O-ring which helps prevent leaks and clogging.

Whenever the cartridge needs to be replaced, you can use any of the Sediment or Carbon filters. Typically Culligan filters like P5-5 Micron Sediment Filter, ECP5-10, 5 Micron Pleated filter and CBC-10 and GAC-10 Carbon filters can be used. The water filter cartridge is not included with the housing and you can choose the one that is suitable for the quality of water that you want. The life of the cartridge depends on the quality of water you get, the amount of water used, the cartridge you have purchased, etc. You would know when to change the cartridge when the water pressure drops. Typically the sediment water filters are best for most homes as they reduce dirt, sand, rust particles, sediments and scale particles from water. If you are troubled with the taste of chlorine in water and the odor due to the tiny contaminants that are often present, then the Carbon filters are more useful.

The Culligan HF-160 filters are similar to Culligan 150389, Pentek 150071, Pentek 150435, American Plumber WC34-PR and Ametek PSCL-00 filter housings. 160 Culligan filter is similar to Culligan HF-360 with the only difference being the Valve-in-head technology used in the HF-360. One O-ring is included when the HF-160 housing is purchased. It is advisable to replace it periodically to prevent leaks. Avoid tightening too much using the SW-2 wrench as it may damage the O-ring. It is preferable to use the single UB-1 stainless steel mounting bracket to mount the housing safely.

The Culligan HF-160 is a very useful filter for the entire house. Easy cartridge replacement ensures you can do it on a timely basis or as per the need. It is highly beneficial for your entire household as well as economical.