Culligan Omnipure water purifier effectively removes odor and taste of chlorine from water

Water is life. Clean water is a rarity. There is a constant need for filtering and purification of water be it for cooking, drinking, washing your face, etc. Water purifiers at the point of use or even for the entire house are a good investment. The returns are in the form of clean drinking water which is of utmost importance for the health of your entire family. There are several manufacturers of high quality water purification systems. One such popular name is Culligan that has a wide range of purification and filtering systems suitable for the needs of every home. The OmniPure K2333 JJ Inline water filters are compatible with various Culligan filters and provide you pure and clean water free of any odor. Culligan OmniPure water purifiers are best for use at homes and can be easily installed as per your requirements.

Omnipure water purifiers are amongst the most cost effective and can be easily fitted to any Cunnigan filtering systems. The OmniPure K2333 JJ, Culligan 01-0000-79 In-line Carbon filters are useful in reducing the taste of Chlorine from water. The best part is that they can be easily installed in-line into the ¼” water line. The K2333-JJ is part of the popular K-series which are known for easy, quick installation and replacement methods without the need for any tools. It is also used as a post carbon filter in Culligan RO Systems Stage 4 in Culligan H-5, H5, H-30S, H30S, H53, H-53, H83, H-83, H83SR, H-83SR, and Stage 3 in H8, H-8, AC30.

The most important advantage of the K series is that the fittings are molded directly in the filtering body and cap as a single unit. This reduces the seepage or weeping to a great extent. The cap and the body are spin-welded to create a smooth, consistent seal without using any binders which may cause contamination. The Culligan OmniPure water purifier has a service life of 1 year or 1000 Gallons. The filtration media that is used is granulated activated carbon. It is responsible for reduction of taste and odor of Chlorine that is often present in tap water. It is important to remember that it should be installed on cold water lines only. Typically the K2333-JJ is suitable for use in ice makers, refrigerators, drinking water fountains, under the counter systems, RO systems and in most Culligan purification systems.

The removal of the odor or taste of chlorine from water makes it potable. You won’t be inclined to add any flavors to it to reduce the taste. Moreover, water does not lose any other nutrients in the process and you can get safer but healthy drinking water for the family. Culligan OmniPure water purification systems are available in different sizes and can easily become a part of your reverse osmosis systems. They are in a way used in various stages of the RO systems leading to cleaner and better tasting water.

Culligan OmniPure water purifiers are extremely effective in removal of contaminants from water. Moreover with the design being simple and easy to install you can keep track of time when they have to be changed. This helps ensure you always get clean and safe drinking water that is free from any odor.