There is a wide range of highly effective culligan water filter systems fit for all homes

Water is among the most important nutrient required for a healthy body. Health experts and nutritionists swear by the contribution of water to your health in your daily diet. Clean, fresh and pure drinking water ensures that your body system gets nutrients and the body functions are carried out smoothly which is vital for a healthy life. However, clean drinking water is scarce and whatever city water is supplied often contains some contaminants that make it unfit for drinking. Sometimes there is a bad taste and odor to it which makes it undrinkable. In such times the water filter systems that are developed by different manufacturers can be of great help. Among the popular ones is the wide range offered by Culligan water filter systems. They are known for their quality and ease of use and are preferred by many for their families.

The water filter systems are designed using different filtration agents. Generally there are physical, chemical or ultra violet filtration agents that are used to remove or neutralize the contaminants in water. The physical barriers remove the suspended particles like sand, mud, silt, and other micro organisms like Giardia or Cryptosporidium. These filters are tiny ones and are measured in microns. They have the ability to block contaminants and easily remove particles from water. The chemical processes are necessary to remove or at least neutralize potentially harmful contaminants. Typically you would find these filter elements comprising of activated charcoal, copper or zinc. Some systems also have ultra violet filtration that can help destroy bacteria, viruses and pathogens from water.

Culligan water filter systems offer all types of filtration and purification systems fit for homes of all sizes. Among the popular ones are the Culligan cartridge systems. It is based on a process known as Pre-coat. It is a patented technology which involves a pleated surface from activated carbon which provides five times more surface area than the conventional block filters. This gives the filter an ability to eliminate about 99.9% of all particles of up to 0.5 microns or larger.

Culligan water filter systems are known for the innovative designs of their filtering systems. They offer portable jug or pitcher type filters that can easily fit in into any refrigerator. These filters have the ability to reduce chlorine, taste and odor from water as the water flow through a bed of charcoal granules. However, these are not considered as effective for removal of strong contaminants like cysts, pesticides, lead or asbestos.

There are advanced filtering techniques used by Culligan. The Reverse osmosis systems are highly effective in removing most contaminants. They are able to virtually remove most micro-organisms, cloudiness, asbestos particles and even single molecules of heavier organic compounds. Culligan also offer replaceable semi permeable membrane to ensure that you get clean water regularly. Other methods that are used are ozonation which helps kill bacteria. Similarly they offer deionizers or softeners that may be used along with the filter system to enable softening of water along with filtration.

Culligan water filter systems are easy to install, use and maintain. There are replacements and features available to ensure the quality of filtered water supply is not affected. You can fit Culligan filters at home and feel assured of clean water for your family.