Regular replacement of alkaline water filter cartridge ensures you get good quality and healthy water consistently

Alkaline water is used by many for drinking for the health benefits it offers. If you are using or planning to use alkaline water it is very important to have it free from contaminants. Contaminants present in water may adversely affect the functioning of the immune system. Experts feel that it is best to use advanced reverse osmosis system to purify alkaline water for best quality. Alkaline water filter systems are available as countertop systems as well under sink systems. The process involves filtering water first and alkalizing it via the ionizing chamber to provide you with purified alkaline water.

Alkaline water filters are often a part of the ionized water units. The ionizer is an electrical appliance connected to your kitchen water supply where electrolysis is carried out on tap water before you use the water. The ionizers and alkalizers are extremely useful in providing healthy alkaline water. Among the popular ones are the Alphion water akalizer, Melody water alkalizer and ionizer, Delphi water alkalizer, Venus water alkalizer, etc. The Jupiter Science Alphion Water Alkalizer is among the most advanced systems and includes the Biostone filtration system.

The Biostone is a 0.1 micron filtration of high quality with a 9 step single body multi stage filter. It has premium filter material that helps get healthier and cleaner water by trapping a range of contaminants. The required minerals are allowed to pass through and retain the high nutritional value of water. The Jupiter Biostone Filter cartridges are suitable for the Jupiter Aquarius, Orion, Melody, MicroLite and Mavello water ionizers. The BioStone is a ceramic formed from a semi-precious mineral Tourmaline. It naturally emits far infrared energy (FIR) as well as changes the surface tension of water. It makes it the easier for ionization. The coral calcium in the filter helps in ionization in case there is deficiency of minerals in water. There are Biostone 0.1 Micron filter cartridge and Biostone 0.01 Micron Filter cartridges available which can be used for the different ionizers.

The advantage of using the alkaline water filter cartridges after the stipulated life of the cartridges ensures that you get the expected level of performance from your ionizers and filters. Moreover most companies come up with innovative modifications to these filter cartridges and ensure improved performance. Make sure you are buying the latest in water technology. Regular maintenance and replacements means you are ensuring health of the entire household. Some of these ionizers and filters even have a digital indicator that tells about the remaining life of the alkaline water filter cartridge. Optimum performance is ensured if you keep track of the life of the cartridge.

There are some other alkaline water filter cartridges offered by different companies like Jupiter science. The Portable ionizer pitcher is a unique offering which ensures that you carry alkaline antioxidant water any time and everywhere you travel in your hand luggage. It effectively filters the tap water and creates a fresh and healthy tasting water with healthy alkalizing minerals. These filter and mineral cartridges last for over a year. It is economical and extremely handy.

Alkaline water in itself is healthy and with the filter systems you can ensure health for the entire household. Alkaline water filter cartridges are easy to obtain and regular replacement ensure you get consistently good quality water.