Regular replacement of aqua pure plus refrigerator water filters ensure you get good quality water and ice consistently

The availability of clean and pure drinking water is becoming a rarity. Though efforts are taken by the municipal authorities to purify and supply clean water, some contaminants may yet get into water by the time it reaches you. There are several refrigerator water filters available from a range of companies like Kenmore, Aqua pure, Whirlpool etc. These filters need to be replaced at regular intervals to ensure that water and ice are safe for consumption which may get affected due to the environment of refrigerators. Aqua pure plus refrigerator replacement water filters are available easily and getting them at regular intervals ensures you get good quality water for the entire household.

The Samsung Aqua pure plus refrigerator replacement filters for model DA29-00003G is a very good quality filter that can reduce to a large extent contaminants like lead, mercury, asbestos, cysts etc. The installation method is very easy. You just twist and remove the old filter, push the new replacement filter into the fridge until it stops and twist it into place. If there is an option reset your change filter light. The best part about this model is that it is interchangeable with Aqua Fresh WF289.

Another Aqua pure model is the DA29-00012A Samsung refrigerator water filter. It fits the Samsung refrigerator model which has the long skinny filter mounted in the ceiling of the fridge. It is also compatible with DA29-00012B, DA29-00012A, DA97-03175A, DA97-03175A-B. It is a filter approximately 2 inches in diameter. It is highly effective in removing about 99.35% of Lead, 86.20% of Mercury, 99.93 of Asbestos, 95.70 of Benzene, 99.99% Cysts, 76.96% Atrazine, 98.80 Lindane, 99.50% of class I particulates, 97.30% of Chlorine etc. However, like most other refrigerator water filters it does not have the ability to remove Fluoride. All the Aqua pure plus refrigerator replacement water filters are tested and certified by NSF international to meet NSF / ANSI standards 42 & 53. It has a life span of about 6 months and preferably should be replaced every 6 months.

The Aqua pure plus DA29-00003A and DA29-00003B Samsung refrigerator replacement filters are effective in reducing bad taste and odor. It also has the ability to reduce chlorine, sediments, dirt, rust and other lime scale buildup. A major advantage is that it offers sufficient protection to the ice maker. It is preferable to replace them every six months or whenever you feel that the water has bad taste or odor which occurs due to contaminants. However, the DA29-00003A is not discontinued and replaced by the DA29-00003B. It is suitable for most refrigerator models from Samsung.

There is always higher risk involved in water from refrigerators being affected due to certain toxic contaminants like Mercury, lead, p-dichlorobenzene, o-dichlorobenzene which may be caused due to refrigerator environment. The Aqua Pure plus refrigerator replacement filters perform the important function of providing odorless water and ice as well as removing several toxic contaminants from water. A major job of these filters is to reduce the particulate pollutants which may cause ice and water stored in the refrigerator to become turbid. Moreover, it prevents sedimentation in liquids stored in refrigerators. You can find these filters easily and buy them as and when the need arises.