Water filtration system have been invented which virtually need no filter replacement

The need for filtration systems is increasing. There are several filtration and purification system manufacturers who have developed highly effective systems suitable to needs of all. There are manufacturers like Kenmore, GE, Braun, Whirlpool, Brita, etc who offer filters like faucet mount filters, refrigerator filters as well as whole house systems. You may have one at home and may have even found it necessary to replace an existing one after certain period of time. Though highly important to change and replace filters it can sometimes really be a bother and you end up feeling that there should be some water filtration system invented which requires no filter replacement. You would be amazed to know that such systems do exist. Some manufacturers actually have managed to provide such systems.

Often replacement of filters is unavoidable with most models that we see. The replacement is necessary and important if you want filters to work as efficiently for a long time. Unless you replace after certain number of days or months you would find that filters may not be cleaning water as expected. The flow may also be affected. You need to buy a replacement for it and install a new one yourself. However, replacement may not be easy every time. Some filters even need to be replaced every two to three months. If a new one is not available easily you end up feeling frustrated. Such times you feel that a system which does not require filter replacement should be invented.

Such systems do exist. One such filter is the Crystal Quest refrigerator Plus Inline 8000 Gallon refrigerator water filter. This no replacement cartridge filter is equally effective and gives you clean and pure drinking water. It is a refrigerator filter that can be used with ice maker as well as filter systems fitted on the doors. It can also be used with water fountains and coolers as well as commercial coffee makers and ice machines. The high pressure quick connect fittings can be used with plastic tubing or ¼” o.d.copper tubing. The filter can be used without interruption for about 8000 gallons. In a way it costs you even less than a penny per gallon. It is even available in 20000 and 30000 gallon models.

The filter has a five stage filtration system. The first stage involves pre and post filter pad that remove silt, sediments, cyst, rust and other matter from water. In second stage it passes through a bed of media made from copper and zinc which has the ability to reduce chlorine. In third stage ion exchange resin reduces heavy metals such as lead, copper, aluminum, etc. The fourth stage involves usage of granulated activated carbon which can effectively prevent hundreds of contaminants from entering your water. In fifth stage there is another five micron filtration pad which ensures that there is total elimination or maximum reduction of most contaminants. Considering the efficiency and cost of the system it turns out to be highly economical costing about ¾ of a penny per gallon. Moreover it has a life of about four to five year or even more.

We thus have water filtration systems invented that need no filter replacements and give you safe and clean drinking water. It surely cannot be ignored and is more advantageous than several other systems.