Home water filter systems

In the market many types of home water filter systems are available. To choose the right water filter for your home you have to consider certain things like quality of water you use and what type of filtration you need. The need of filtration includes whether you want to filter only drinking water or the entire water supply.

Types of home water filter systems are undersink filter, faucet filter, pitcher filters, countertop filters and shower filters. Also there are types of filtration methods for whole house water filter systems. In carbon filtration method for smaller filtration needs activated carbon made from coconut hulls and wood is used. In larger home systems carbon blocks are used to filter large number of contaminants. In ceramic carbon filtration method a carbon component as well as a ceramic component is used. The ceramic carbon filters do additional filtration as compared to carbon filters.

One more effective filtration method is reverse osmosis filtration. This filters forces water through a semi permeable membrane under pressure. Though these types of filters are more expensive, it effectively removes most impurities from the water.

If you are suffering from environmental illnesses then go for alkaline systems. These systems not only filter the water but it changes the pH to slightly alkaline which helps relieve you from environmental illness. In combination systems a series of two, three or more filter types are used where in each filter removes more contaminants. This method is an alternative to the reverse osmosis filtration method.

Installation of faucet filters is easy but for under sink models you may need help of a plumber. For the average person the installation of shower filters is easy. Whole house systems are more complex to install. You have to fit it to the main source of water and for that you have to take the help of a plumber.

Types of home water filters are under sink filters, whole house filters, counter top filters, faucet mounts, and shower filters. Examples of under sink filters are Doulton under sink filters, Omni under sink filters, Aquasana standard under sink filters, Aquasana premium under sink filters and Vortex under sink water filters.

Doulton under sink filters are designed for permanent installation. It comes with its own installation hardware and faucet. Omni under sink water filters are more convenient and give clean and clear drinking water. Aquasana standard and premium under sink filters are the same the only difference is that premium filter contains polished chrome pressure relief faucet. The main feature of Vortex under sink water filters is that it creates ozone which is a powerful oxidant to remove contaminates.

Aquasana, Doulton and Vortex also manufacture whole house filters, counter top filters and faucet mount filters. Pur faucet mount water filters are popular water filters. It is a 3-stage water filter and it has vertical and horizontal designs. It effectively reduces agricultural pollutants, industrial pollutants, heavy metals and 99% of microbial cysts from the water.

The manufacturers of shower filters are Aquasana, Seychelle and Wonder. Shower filters improve the texture of your skin and hair.

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