Countertop water filter dispenser systems as seen on tv

The countertop water filter dispenser systems as seen on tv can be easily installed and removed. It gives you clean, safe and delicious drinking water. This water filters come with a diverter valve that replaces faucet aerator to give filtered tap water. This filter system filters cysts, chlorine, lead, organic chemicals and also bad odors. It filters bad stuff but leaves healthy stuff like calcium, magnesium and potassium. Generally this water filter is fitted where temporary installation is needed. To fit this water filter you don’t have to drill a hole in your sink.

Water is the basic need; we all are dependent on water in our daily life. We need water for drink, for making meals and so on. For all these needs we need fresh water to avoid health problems. You can get fresh water easily by installing a countertop water dispenser.

There are various types of countertop water filter which are LivingWaters 4-stage countertop filter, LivingWaters 2-stage countertop filter, Aquasana countertop filter etc. 4-stage countertop filter removes chlorine, cysts, disinfection by-products, lead, arsenic, VOCs etc. It is very easy to install and maintain. It includes ceramic, carbon block resin, KDF R 55 and ultra filtration. Ceramic is used to filter cysts and sediment. KDF R 55 filters heavy metals like lead also it kills bacteria and filters chlorine. Carbon block resin filters bad odor, taste and chemical products. Ultra-filtration is used to remove very small contaminants and leaves the healthy minerals in the water.

2-stage countertop water filter includes ATS Ion exchange, Dolton ceramic and carbon block resin filtration. ATS Ion exchange filters lead, carbon block resin filters bad odor, taste and chemicals and Dolton ceramic filters cysts and sediments. It has stainless steel long-reach lead-free spout and chrome diverter valve. You have to attach it to the faucet and start enjoying clean and clear water.

The Aquasana water filter provides multiple stages of filtration with two cartridges. In multiple filtration stages it reduces bad taste and smell, cloudiness, removes chlorine, lead and also filters out synthetic chemicals like pesticides, herbicides and solvents. The main feature of this filter is it filters 30 gallons of water per hour. Because of no spill design it is a very popular system.

To maintain these filters you have to change filter cartridge after some specific period for Aquasana filter it should be changed after every 6 months or 500 gallons whichever comes first. Replacing cartridge is also a simple process. These water filter system provides continuous water supply. Design of countertop water filter is very compact and does not need a bulky storage tank. Because of simpler and easier installation and maintenance it is better than other filter systems. Another advantage of the countertop water filter is that it does not waste 3-7 gallons of water to purify one gallon of water.
The multiple filtration system of countertop water filter dispenser system provides safe water purification. We have to only attach it to faucet and we get clean and healthy drinking water. Only thing we have to remember is that cartridge should be changed regularly.

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