Genesis water filters for ro system

The genesis water filters for ro system are used in residential and commercial water purification systems. Genesis water technologies, Inc. supplies water purification and filtration products. It supplies all types of pleated filters, melt blown filters and filter housings. It also provides other products like Seswarer Desalination RO systems, commercial and industrial RO systems, RO membrane, RO booster etc.

Deluxe ROS5 is genesis reverse osmosis water purification system. In this system for water purification no electricity or chemicals are used. The technique reverse osmosis purification improves the taste and quality of the drinking water. Bad odors and sediments reverse osmosis reduces 99% of the chlorine and also reduces hard water contaminants. The hard contaminants presents in the water are: copper, barium, lead, mercury, chromium, cadmium, sodium, nitrite, nitrate, fluoride, aluminum, selenium, arsenic, calcium, sulfate, phosphate, iron, magnesium, zinc, chloride, bacteria, sulfate, cyanide, nickel, silver, potassium, bicarbonate, ammonium and manganese.

Reverse osmosis technique is the best way to clear the water impurities. In deluxe ROS5 purification system specially designed system is used to utilize the home water line pressure to push tap water through a special membrane. This process reduces the impurities.

Highest quality components and quality control procedures are the main features of genesis series water purifiers. All units of the genesis water systems are water tested to make sure the valve functions properly, membrane is rejecting properly and auto shut-off is working properly when pressurized. This system can easily hide under your sink and gives great-tasting drinking water. The cost of this filter is also very low. The replaceable cartridges can be used up to one year or 1000 gallons.

The genesis water system uses the under-counter water purifying unit which is easy to install. This system contains four gallon storage tank, it is space-saving, and all other necessary fittings like a lead-free, long-reach, and chrome faucet. This system is only for cold water use, maximum water temperature is 100 degrees. Also the range of water pressure is fixed. For this system maximum water pressure is 80 psi and minimum water pressure is 40 psi. If water pressure goes below 40 psi you have to use a booster pump. It provides maximum water flow of one gallon per minute. The pressure gauge shows the safe range of pressure.

The deluxe ROS5 filter unit weighs 12.3 pounds and tank weighs around 9 pounds. This system contains five filters among which four should be replaced annually and other filter should be replaced every 5 to 7 years which contains a thin film composite membrane. Annually replaceable filters come in one kit.
Five stage processes is used in the deluxe genesis ROS5 filter. Stage 1 is sediment pre-filter which removes dirt and sand particles. Stage 2 KDF and carbon pre-filter removes heavy metals. Stage 3 secondary carbon pre-filter improves membrane performance. Stage 4 high capacity reverse osmosis membrane can provide up to 25 gallons per day. Stage 5 final carbon post-filter provides final cleaning of processed water.

You can check and also monitor the performance of your RO system using water quality meter.

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