Home water filter system

The main goal of the home water filter system is to remove impurities from tap water and provide pure and safe drinking water. Before using any water filter system first test your water and then decide what kind of filtration you need. If your water contains chlorine, pesticides or organic chemicals, and chloroform, then always choose NSF-certified carbon filters.

There are many kinds of home water filter systems. Choose the filter system according to your water needs that is how much water will you need to filter. Some basic filters are Pitcher filters, Faucet mounted filters, whole house filters and under the sink filters.

Pitcher filter can be used when you need occasionally filtered water. You have to the add water to the top portion of the jug then water flows through an internal filter into the main canister. In this filter filtration can take several minutes. PUR CR-6000C water filtration pitcher is very slim and can fit in your refrigerator door. This is two-stage filter and removes microbial cysts, lead, chlorine, mercury etc. It has LED Safety Monitor which shows filter life.

Faucet mounted filters can filter tap water. These filters are very small. PUR 3-stage vertical filter is a faucet mount water filter. This reduces impurities from unfiltered water. This can be attached directly to the faucet and installs in minutes. This filter contains an automatic safety monitor gauge and one filter. Brita ultra faucet filter system is another faucet mounted filter. This filter reduces contaminants from the tap water and provides you pure and clear drinking water. Another example of faucet mount water filter is model F1. This gives you very good tasting water. This is great solution for those who cannot make the changes to their under sink plumbing. This filter contains faucet adapters, a FRC1 filter cartridge and installation hard ware.

One more filter type is the under sink filters. These are similar to the faucet mounted filters, but difference is these should be installed under the sink. These filters come with a dedicated faucet or tap. These are larger filters. Omni model OT32 is under sink water filter. This filter can remove volatile organic compounds like Lindane a pesticide and a herbicide Atrazine.

The whole house type filters are installed at the main water source of your house so that it can easily provide filtered water throughout the house. You need these types of filters only when your water is of very poor quality and you have to filter the water for all uses. This filter provides you very good filtration of water not only for drinking and cooking but for all uses. Culligan whole house water filter can be installed on the main water line. This is best for odor, taste or sediment filtration. Another whole house filter is whole house Doulton Ceramic water filter. This high flow ceramic water filter removes cysts and bacteria. This filter provides you crystal clear water for your family.

To protect your family from chemicals and bacteria in water you have to use proper filter system.

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