H2O is the chemical formula for water.

The molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded to an oxygen atom. Making up 70% of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere, water is the most abundant, chemical there is. Unusually it is also one of the few molecules that can be naturally found in all three of it’s chemical states, liquid, gas and ice.

Many substances such as salt dissolve easily in water meaning that it is rarely found in it’s pure form.

A lot of bottled mineral water come form natural springs which is where ground water flows out from the ground. Because the water flows through the underground rock before coming to the surface, the natural spring water is often full of healthy dissolved minerals and salts such as, calcium, zinc, manganese, phosphate, and sodium compounds.

Some of these minerals, such as sodium, potassium and chloride play role in the body”s metabolism and calcium is important of developing strong bones, teeth and nails.It is vital for children to have a high intake of this mineral as it cannot be absorbed as easily when older.

Water in general is absolutely essential for ones body and indeed all life on Earth. Humans can survive for several weeks without food, but for only a few days without water.

Without water the body cannot absorb and digest the vitamins and nutrients that we eat. Many nutritionists insist that most of us simply are not drinking nearly enough water and are almost constantly dehydrated without even realisiing it. We should aim to drink around a litre of water each day. Not drinking enough puts ones body under stress. The kindneys and liver have to work much harder to remove the toxins and the heart will find it harder to circulate the blood efficiently.

As a result of this the brain will become less active and therefore it becomes much harder to concentrate.

Water, when it is pure and free of dangerous contaminates, is truly the most healthy and natural substance that you can give your body. Drinking the right amount of water will not only improve the efficiency of your organs and therefore your mental and physical performance, it will also boost your immune system, make your skin healthy and glowing, reduce headaches and dizziness and generally give you more energy.

Amazingly, if you are trying to loose weight or maintain a healthy weight, drinking plenty water is the single most important and effective thing you can do. It will surpress your appetite and help the body burn fat deposits. Studies have shown that a not drinking enough water will cause fat deposits to increase, while increasing your water intake can actually reduce them.

If your body is prone to fluid retention or bloating, drinking water steadily through out the day will also help this as when you do not drink enough your body stores it as a survival mechanism. Reducing the amount of salt you consume will also help as the more salt you consume, the more water your body stores in order to be able to dilute it.

H2O truly is a wonderful molecule. With so many health benefits it is a shame that not enough people drink the right amount.