Best portable water purifiers

portable water purifiers have been available in the market for years now. With every manufacturer promising high level of pure water, it becomes difficult to choose the best that can suit your needs. With the growing popularity of portable water purifiers, many brands seem to be doing great business. There very few best portable water purifiers that can actually help you get high level of pure and germs free water. As you pour in water from any dirty source, the filter configuration has to be good enough to remove waste and toxics from it. Always cross check several portable water purifiers available in market and then finalize the one that best works for you.

Katadyn is a known name in portable water purifiers. They are one of the best portable water purifier manufacturers. They have several designs and filter configurations to meet the requirements of every voyager. The wide range of Katadyn portable filters also includes the one that runs on gravity. It does not require any pumping, you simply have to pour in water and allow the process to take place. Katadyn pocket filter is one of most durable when trekking as its body is made up of aluminum and comes with a ceramic filter that can hold back even the finest of polluted components.

If you are looking out for something that is really light like a feather, you can go for sweet water micro. This device is not only light in weight but also purifies water faster. This filter comes with a pump that makes it easy to remove the water. Pump seems to work efficiently and smoothly and as thus earned the status as one of the easiest pumps in portable water purifiers. Katadyn Guide portable purifier is well designed and does meet the industry standards. It is highly effective in removing dust and other pollutants along with harmful chemicals. It has a 50 micro membrane that holds back waste and helps you get pure and hygienic water.

Steripen portable water filter works with the help of ultra violet lights. Ultra violet lights are good to kill pathogens that spread water borne diseases. It is easy to use, light in weight and low on maintenance. You will certainly find the best portable water purifier among the wide range available in the market. Some purifiers work on battery and are good enough for small treks unless you carry extra sets of batteries. As an alternative, iodine and chlorine tablets are also used to purify water.

When selecting the best portable water purifier, make sure, the device has met industry standards, passed the quality test and has been authorized by concerned people. You can also ask for recommendations from voyagers who have been using these devises for a long time now. Choosing the best portable water purifier should not be a problem if you check all the required features well before purchasing the product. There are various forums and sites where you can find reviews for various brands and designs of portable water purifiers.

Portable water purifiers are better alternatives to bottled water as it is convenient to use and carry on long distances. Always check the filter configuration used in the purifier and then finalize the deal.

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