Portable emergency water purifier

Portable water purifiers are nothing less than a boon during emergency. With contaminated water found everywhere, it becomes important to have a portable water purifier. Purifier is an essential item these days as water borne diseases are on the rise. Bacteria and virus are not seen with naked eye and thus you can not rely on any water that seems to be clean. Portable water filters work as a best alternative for healthy and clean water when away from home. Portable emergency water purifiers are best options to carry on treks and camping trips where there is no source of pure water.

There are several options in portable emergency water purifier. They are handy and of great help when you are miles away from home. As an emergency purifier you can always rely on iodine or chlorine tablets. They are simple to use and need to be put in water after which the purification process takes place. These tablets are of great use when there is an emergency to get pure and hygienic water. Iodine and chlorine tablets are effective in killing harmful virus and bacteria and also separate impurities. The only drawback of this emergency purifier is that it will give a foul odor to drinking water.

Apart from these tablets, there are many other filter designs that can work effectively. Carbon filter configuration is largely used in many portable water purifiers. This filter design is effective in removing bacteria and virus along with other dangerous toxins and chemicals. Carbon based portable purifiers also removes bad odors from water and give it a pleasant taste. There are other portable water purifiers that use ultra violet rays to destroy the pathogens that play key role in the spread of water borne diseases. Ceramic water filters are also good at holding back dust particles and gives you pollutant free water.

Portable water purifier is of great help when traveling for several days. With these purifiers you never have to worry about carrying plastic bottled water. Portable water purifiers are light in weight and thus easy to carry; they are durable, sturdy and low on maintenance. You can put in any water be it muddy, from lake or anywhere else, portable water purifier will work well to make it hygienic and pure for drinking. You simply need to put in water and allow the purifier to filter the water. It won’t take more than 20 to 30 minutes to get the water clean and free of germs and toxins.

Apart from traveling and trekking, portable water purifiers can be used in case of emergencies like medical camps, disaster sites and flooded areas. If you are stuck up in a place where only muddy water is found, you can always use portable water purifier and instantly generate healthy drinking water. With portable water purifier you can get hygienic drinking water when in emergency or when out on a travel spree.

Instead of risking your life with polluted and unclean water, it is best to buy a portable water purifier. This purifier is easy to use and affordable as well. With portable water purifier one never has to worry about getting pure water whether in an emergency or not.