Water purifiers portable

Portable water purifiers are a good solution other than carrying carry pure water with you. You can completely rely on portable water purifiers to provide you with pure and hygienic water. With contaminated water ruling every city, it becomes important to have a water purifier with you. Clear looking water may not necessarily be pure as it may contain bacteria and viruses that can never be seen with naked eyes. Water borne diseases are not rare and we are responsible enough to protect our family from the same. Portable water purifiers are movable and thus always stay with you to generate pure water.

Unlike other water purifiers, portable ones need not stay only at one place. They are not fixed to a faucet and that’s what makes them movable. Portable water purifiers not only give you wholesome water but also save you from spending huge amounts on bottled water. You will always find two types of portable water purifiers, one which is chemical based and other non chemical. There are also various filter configurations available to hold back contaminants, virus and bacteria. Most popular filter design is carbon as it is largely successful in eradicating impurities and also harmful toxins. Ceramic filter is yet another configuration that has small holes to eliminate impure particles.

To have better quality water from portable water purifiers, you can combine both filter and ultra violet rays together. Ultra violet rays help in killing pathogens while the filter works efficiently to remove impurities. Many a time’s tablets of Iodine and chlorine are used as portable purifiers. These tablets are put in water for purification process. After few minutes the water is clean enough to drink, however the tastes of chemicals like chlorine and iodine may prevent you from drinking it. In order to get rid of these bad odors in water, you may need one more filter that can give your water a pleasant taste. If you are allergic to iodine, stick to chlorine to get pure water.

Portable water purifiers are largely used for camping and trekking purposes. You may be camping next to a lake or river; however, you cannot trust the water in there. It may appear to be clean but there may be several viruses and bacteria in it that can upset your health. Carrying a portable water filter along will help you get hygienic and healthy water amidst nowhere. This way you don’t have to carry several bottles of water when traveling or climbing a mountain. Portable water purifiers are easy to use and very affordable. You can easily find them in stores and stock it with you to use it as and when required.

Portable water filters have been present in the market for a while now. The demand for the same is gradually increasing thanks to the impure water that keeps running through our taps. You can certainly rely on portable water filters to generate clean and pure water. When traveling for days, always carry portable water purifiers and enjoy the trek or vacation without having to worry about water borne diseases.