puresource2 water filters

Filtration industry is one industry that will never face a slump. The rise in impure water has made it mandatory for all to consume water that is filtered. With almost every natural source of water being contaminated these days, one can’t help but rely on water filters to generate purified water. The rise in demand for water filters has led to many filter brands crowding the market. Other than countertop and mounted faucet filters, these days refrigerator filters are also in demand. Frigidaire was the first company to come up with pure source 2 water filters for refrigerators. Made from superior quality materials, pure source 2 water filters work efficiently to eliminate toxics and pollutants from the stored ice and water.

Not many people are aware that there are pollutants and toxics accumulated in the refrigerator as well. This can lead to polluted ice and water. It not only takes away the taste of ice but also makes it harmful. To keep pollutants and other chemicals away from stored water and ice this filter is nothing less than perfect. Frigidaire was the first brand to have introduced refrigerator water filters. This filter is compact enough to fit into the fridge. Made using advanced technology, pure source 2 water filters have the ability to remove every bit of pollutants.

Pure source 2 water filters effectively removes Toxaphene by 87.5%, Cysts by 99.99%, lead by 99.33%, Atraxine by 98%, herbicides by 1, 4-D by 96%, mercury by 91 percent and other particulates by more than 98.6%. Every part of pure source 2 water filters undergo a quality test and only on qualifying the same does it get a green signal from the authorities. The exclusive material used for both exteriors and interiors of pure source 2 water filters make the filter durable and long lasting. This filter not only purifies the stored ice and water but also adds a pleasing taste to it. This filter is very easy to fix and replace.

Pure source 2 water filters works extremely well in a temperature that is maximum 100 F and minimum 33 F. This filter has a capacity of 400 gallons, after which the filter needs to be replaced. Either after 6 to 7 months or 400 gallons, you need to replace the cartridge. Pure source 2 water filters works under a pressure of 100PSIG/ 30 PSIG. This filter is a perfect deal to protect your stored water and ice from pollutants and other toxics. This user friendly and easy to install filter is hassle free and protects from every bit of impure particle found in the fridge. For installation or replacement of pure source 2 water filter you need not be an expert, simply read the directions in the manual and get started.

Pure source 2 water filters from Frigidaire is approved and certified by the NSF and thus enjoys an International acceptance. You can also check the NSF data sheet to know more about the working of this filter. There can be no better deal than pure source 2 water filters for your refrigerators. Easy to use, and install, cost effective, long lasting and high on quality is what pure source 2 water filters are all about.

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