Camping and hiking water purification system

Camping and hiking water purification system is necessary because outdoor water sources contain microorganisms. The water in rivers, lakes and springs look crystal clear but it contains various dangerous bacteria which can cause illness.

You can purify the drinking water while camping and hiking by three methods boiling, filter and use of chemical tablets. Among these use of filter is most suitable and safe way of water purification. The filter mechanically removes bacteria, protozoa and viruses. Also it improves the taste of the water. The chemical tablets are inexpensive but it affects the taste of the water. Boiling is also effective way of water purification but it is time-consuming process so while camping and hiking filter is most convenient way for water purification.

Some portable filters for camping and hiking:
Base camp hanging water filter is ideal for base camps and families. It uses cleanable Hiker Pro cartridge with 200 gallons capacity. This filter removes Giardia, bacteria and cryptosporidium from the water. Weight of this filter is just 13 oz.

Deluxe water purifier is another effective filter which has comfortable handle, sanitary cover to protect outlet, longer tubing, rugged, greater capacity and fastest flow. Its cartridge capacity is 125 gallons and 15 oz weight. One more emergency filter is Frontier filter which is ideal for travelling, backpacking trips and hiking. This filter is very compact and lightweight.

This can easily fit into travel bag. This is also called as ‘just in case’ back-up filter. This filter reduces waterborne chemicals, cryptosporidium and Giardia from the water and filters up to 20 gallons of water.

A water bottle purifier is also useful for backpacking and trekking. In this purifier Virustat purification technology is used along with microfiltration and carbon filtration. Cartridge capacity of this bottle filter is up to 26 gallons but bottle capacity is 34 oz. Replaceable cyst filter is used in this bottle. Gravity drip camp water filter does not require pumping because it contain built-in filter. Microfiltration purification method is used in this filter so that 0.2 micron bacteria also can be filtered from the water.

Katadyn Ceramic Combi filter is portable outdoor water filter. This filter can also convert for RV and emergency home use. This filter is for multifunction use. Katadyn filter has dual filtration technology. It has 0.2 micron ceramic filter as well as an activated carbon filter. Because of these filters Katadyn system effectively eliminates not only bacteria and microorganisms but also noxious and malodorous chemicals, iodine and chlorine. The filtration capacity of ceramic filter is up to 1300 gallons and that of carbon filter is 60 gallons.

Katadyn ceramic pocket micro filter has a built-in pump which develops the pressure needed for rapid filtration. The weight of this filter is only 21 ounces. Its ceramic element can be used up to 13000 gallons. This filter is ideal choice for camping, emergencies, missionaries and survival environments. This filter has lifetime warranty except for ceramic cartridge.
When you are on camping for your better health safe and pure drinking water is very important thing.