Drinking water purification systems

Drinking water purification systems are being installed all over the world by people who are concerned about the contamination of water supply. In order to have water that is fit not only for cooking and drinking but also other purposes, water purification systems are becoming a necessity. General methods and techniques of water purification include biological processes such as activated sludge and slow sand filters; physical processes like sedimentation and filtration; chemical processes like chlorination and flocculation and the use of ultraviolet light in electromagnetic radiation.

Water purification systems reduce the amount of particulate matter, bacteria, parasites, algae, fungi, viruses etc. This water if used for drinking purposes should meet the standards laid down by the governments and other agencies. Standards set the minimum/maximum contaminant concentration etc. Common procedures like using a carbon filter or boiling water are not enough for water treatment as all the contaminants in the water may not be treated and the water needs to be treated.

Your health depends on the water you drink and bathe in everyday. Government studies have proved that numerous chemicals that are unregulated are present in our drinking water. These chemicals get into our bodies and affect us in different ways. Various agencies use chemicals in public water to kill microorganisms. Chlorine itself is a poison that produces a lot of carcinogenic chemicals when it interacts with material that is organic in the water. This is the reason why they have switched to chloramines which are no better. Pubic water has non-regulated and regulated contaminants that are not being treated. Therefore your drinking water is surely contaminated. There is no doubt that public agencies do their best for you but that still does not ensure that your drinking water is safe and pure.

The best way to determine that that water in your home is pure and fit for drinking is to buy the right water purification system and to also find out what contaminants are there in your water and which water purification system is the best one to remove and destroy them. There are a number of water purification systems available in the market and it is only right to do a little research before picking one. Reading the customer reviews will give you an idea of production or manufacturing flaws, prices and problems that can crop up, and will help you compare different systems and make an informed decision as to which one will suit your needs best.

The Urban Defender whole water purification system is one of the best and effective drinking water purification systems. This is an excellent choice for people whose drinking water supply is from the “public water supply” and who wish to remove the chloramines, chlorines or even the carcinogenic products, pesticides or herbicides in the water. The system has a pre-filter that is installed with a KDF55 media in catalytic carbon. The water purification system eliminates contaminants that cause cancer in public water. This system can be combined with filtration or ultraviolet light treatments for more protection. The water that is produced is clean, fresh and pure.