The efficacy of ultra violet water purification systems

None can deny the efficacy of ultra violet water purification systems. Ultra violet radiation is effective in water that has a little color in it for it to pass through and not be absorbed so that cysts can be inactivated. The only disadvantage of the use of ultra violet radiation is that there is not residual disinfectant left behind in the water, so this residual disinfectant has to be added afterwards.

Ultraviolet water purification systems destroy bacteria, algae, viruses and other microorganisms that are present in the water and can cause illnesses and allergies etc if one drinks or even cooks with this contaminated water. Children and infants are more susceptible to these germs and therefore it is necessary to have clean, pure and safe water in your home. Remember, boiling does kill microorganisms but once the water is brought to a boil, it should continue boiling for a period of time for the germs to be killed.

Ultraviolet water purifiers use ultraviolet light to kill and destroy the micro-organisms in the water. The purifier has a lamp emitting ultraviolet light for a particular period of time, destroying the germs and bacteria etc. When this cleansing cycle is over, the LED light usually flashes signaling that the water is pure. Ultra violet water purification systems do not use any test strips or chemicals and therefore does not have a chemical aftertaste.

One of the biggest issues with ultraviolet water purification systems is that only bacterial contaminants are destroyed. Chemical contaminants are not eliminated by ultraviolet light so some water that has chemicals may not be pure for drinking. Water that has suspended particulate matter in it will need to be filtered before purification. Ultraviolet water purification systems therefore are available with filters. The water first passes through the filters before passing through the purification system.

Ultraviolet water purification systems are no doubt an excellent way of making sure that your water is free from all microorganisms and bacteria. UV portable water purifiers are also available in the market. These are effective travel accessories and destroy 99.99% of viruses and bacteria in the water. Apart from being portable and light, they can purify almost 32 oz of water in about 90 seconds. These can be stowed in a suitcase, backpack or an overnight bag.

Ultra violet water purification systems thus disinfect water without the use of heat or chemicals. They are EPA approved water purification technologies that are useful in protecting you against any waterborne disease. Ultraviolet radiation kills dangerous microbes by destroying the microbe’s reproductive mechanism using highly concentrated ultra violet rays. As the water is passed through the ultraviolet radiation chamber, it is instantly disinfected. As compared to chlorine which leaves a bad taste and odor to the water (not to mention the carcinogen chloroform), ultraviolet rays are much better that leave behind fresh, clean, good tasting and smelling water.