Good undersink water purifiers

Water is very important for human beings. 70% of our body is water. We need to drink enough water to flush toxins from the body and to protect ourselves from dehydration. But the water that comes out of the kitchen faucet might not be as clean as we think. Research shows that even the regular supply water may contain more than two thousand toxic substances. In fact the supply water is chlorine-treated water and chlorine is very harmful to human body. Even after distribution, some other contaminants get into the supply water. These may be corporate wastes, other organic and inorganic substances present in the water pipes, biological substances and so on. Thus it becomes mandatory to filter or purify the supply water to make it safe to drink.

Water filters are available in various versions –

Shower filters
Whole house water filters
Under sink water filters

The under sink water filters, as the name suggests, are mounted under the sink. The filter is connected directly under main water supply. The supply water passes through the filter. All organic chemicals and odors get removed and the filtered water flows to the sink through a separate tap.

Under sink filters come with a lot of advantages. First, they are installed under the counter and thus help to save precious counter space. Second, having a filter under the sink ensures the aesthetics of the kitchen do not get spoilt. In fact, there are a number of attractive faucets available nowadays, which can be mounted on the kitchen sink for dispensing filtered water. Third, there is also the advantage of much less noise when the filter is under the sink and not above the counter.

Water coming to our homes needs to be filtered or purified to be good enough to drink. For this purpose, various products are available these days. Water filters work in two ways.

Reverse Osmosis and Carbon block filtration

The carbon block filters are recommended by the EPA. These filters consist of candles containing activated carbon which traps the impurities present in supply water. In the reverse osmosis process all minerals are removed from the water. But this means that even necessary minerals like calcium and magnesium, which are important to humans, are also removed from the water. And some synthetic chemicals like herbicides and pesticides can actually pass through reverse osmosis filters.

The most effective way to remove impurities from water is to install activated carbon block filters which have the added feature of ion exchange and submicron filtering which removes 99% of impurities. And the essential minerals are left intact. The end result is clean and pure drinking water. Hence, a good under sink water purifier is the best investment to guard your family’s health.

The water filter cartridge needs to be changed very six months. This is an easy and inexpensive procedure which does not require much time. An under sink water purifier is the perfect answer to all health problems arising from drinking contaminated water. It is effective and environment friendly.