Under sink water filtration systems help you stay healthy

Water is nature’s elixir for all living beings. After air water is the second most important thing needed to sustain life. We need to drink enough water to save ourselves from dehydration. Even a drop of 2% in total body water can cause dehydration. We must also be cautious about the quality of water we drink. Drinking contaminated water causes damage to nervous and digestive systems, resulting in serious health issues. Even the water distributed to homes from supply systems contains unhealthy substances. Thus it becomes important to install water filtration systems at homes.

Water filters or purifiers may be counter top filters, shower filters, whole house water filters or under sink water filters. The under sink water filtration system works in a very simple way. A filter is installed under the sink, maybe the kitchen sink, the bar sink or any other sink. The water coming to that sink passes through the under sink filter first. The filtration system ensures that all impurities are removed from the water before it is consumed.

The under sink water filtration system may work on reverse osmosis process whereby the supply water passes through a membrane which traps all minerals and impurities. Only pure water passes through the membrane and the remaining impure water flows away as waste. The reverse osmosis filters involve a complicated and expensive initial set up. It is also found that this process strips water of the natural trace minerals like calcium and magnesium which are important for the growth and development of human body.

Another popular form of under sink water filtration systems is the carbon block filter. This filter consists of a cartridge filled with activated carbon particles. The carbon traps all harmful bacteria, toxic chemicals and odors. Different types of units are available to suit every budget. The carbon block filters are recommended by the EPA also.

The under sink water filtration systems score over other versions because it is easily installed as compared to a whole house filter system. In older homes, there can be sediments in pipes, like rust, which need to be removed before the water reaches the faucet. It is also cheaper than a whole house filter. It is tucked under the sink, not over the counter and is the best option in kitchens where space is at a premium. For some, a counter top filter is an eyesore. They will surely appreciate the under sink filtration system.

As the quality of tap water is not very reliable, it is advisable for all health conscious citizens to install under sink water filtration systems in their homes. At least the water we drink and use for cooking should be pure and devoid of any chemicals. Many people also opt for bottled water which is publicized as free of harmful substances but is actually very expensive. Also the huge numbers of plastic bottles manufactured for packaging water are later dumped into landfills, which is harmful for our planet. An under sink water filtration system ensures safe drinking water without much expense and no harm to environment.