iron reducing cartridge filters drinking water

iron is widely found on our earth and it is mixed with the crust. It is natural to find iron particles in water running through municipal pipes and other natural reservoirs. Presence of iron that is around 0.3 milligrams per liter is good enough but anything beyond that can prove unsuitable for your body. Thus, when filtering water it is essential that your filter cartridge also removes iron. When buying a water filter, it should also work well in reducing the iron found in water. Manganese often accompanies iron that adds a foul taste to the water. However with iron reducing cartridges, you need not worry as the filter works effectively in reducing the iron particles along with manganese.

Impure water has been a concern for a long time now. It has played a major role in spreading water borne diseases. One can’t help but rely on water filters to get our dose of clean and hygienic water. Apart from purifying microorganism, sediments and other solid waste, it is important to filter these metals. There is rusted iron present in water that can harm your body and thus it is wise to get a filter that works as a complete solution to all these impure particles. Water normally has two types of iron present in it, one Ferric iron which is the rust and other is Ferrous that is dissolved in water. Ferric iron can be filtered with the help of mechanical filters while ferrous requires good quality cartridges that can reduce the dissolved iron particles.

To get iron reducing cartridges you need not buy expensive filters as there are many available in the market that can suit your budget and still help you get water that is free of iron particles. Along with these iron components comes the odor of hydrogen sulfide and Manganese. When choosing iron reducing cartridges, you also need to check if it helps in eliminating the odor and make water pleasant to drink. Replacement of iron reducing cartridges is easy and also convenient. Although it can purify volumes of water, the iron reducing water cartridges may not function at its best if the iron level rises to 5ppm. Some Iron reducing cartridges do not work well in water that has a lower ph level. It has to have minimum of 6.5 for the filter to work well.

Iron components can be reduced or eliminated with the help of automatic back washing. This type of filter helps you get rid of both Ferric and Ferrous iron. Iron filters like the pyrolox, Birm filters and greensand have manganese oxide media where the process of oxidization takes place and water flows through the filter media. The life span of iron reducing cartridge depends upon the volume of water that you filter. If you use it on a daily basis, the cartridge may ware off sooner and need replacement. Just like other filters, you need to allow some water to pass through the filter before using it. Pre filtering it will help the cartridge perform better to help you get clean and hygienic water.

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