pur water filter replacement cartridges

since the launch of Pur water filters in 1986, this water filter has been earning accolades for being able to treat and purify water effectively. The wide variety in pur water filters makes it easy for one to find a purifier that can meet their demands both quality and cost wise. Pur is a high quality water filter whose cartridge is made with exclusive materials to help you get hygienic and clean water. The life span of these cartridges depends upon your use and maintenance. Pur water filter cartridges are easy to replace and one need not be skilled at it. Referring to manual will always help you get the right directions to replace the cartridges.

Water filters have been playing an important role in our life since the outburst of impurities in natural water reservoirs. Be it lakes, dams, or even our municipal tap water, all have been exploited with the presence of micro organisms, sediments, metals and other harmful pathogens. Use of impure water can lead to harmful diseases and illness. To protect yourself and your family from water borne diseases it is a must to have a quality water filter at home. Pur is a promising filter that shows concern for your health and thus uses best materials to come up with cartridges that can generate volumes of clean water.

Pur water filter cartridges last longer, however it also depends upon the use of it. Many people tend to be harsh with the filters which results into breaking and leaking of the unit. One has to be gentle with the faucet so as to allow it to function well. The cartridges also don’t cost much and one can easily replace it. The life of cartridge mainly depends upon its use. If you filter gallons of water daily, the cartridge is bound to expire sooner than the prescribed date. Also if your water is too contaminated, it will not allow the filter cartridge to work longer. Pur water filter cartridges certainly last well and can perform purification process far better.

Pur water filter cartridges are made of Ion exchange Resin and do have activated carbon to make your drinking water even more hygienic and clean. The carbon helps eliminate foul odor and also adds a pleasant taste to water. It also fights heavy metals and micro organism to help you get high level of pure and hygienic water for drinking. For replacing your pur cartridges for dispensers, pitchers and flavor option pitchers PUR premium (stage 2) cartridges is required. For the faucet mount systems and Pur Delta Simply faucets you require replacing the cartridge with Pur Ultimate (stage 3).

Replacing Pur water filter cartridges is not a difficult task. You can always refer to the manual for directions and steps for replacing the cartridge. Once you replace the cartridge, you can follow the pre filter procedure. This helps the cartridge to reset and begin the function of purification. Failing to follow pre-filter process, may not give you better quality of purified water. Taking efforts to maintain the cartridges and handling it with care will help you get gallons of pure water and that too at an affordable cost.

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