Addie water softeners

addie water softeners enjoy a good customer base in North-Central America for their water softeners. They have been in the water conditioning business for quite some time and are known for their straight forwardness. In fact some of the satisfied customers call Addie water softeners as straight shooters. Excellent products and an even better customer service make them the most preferred water softeners in this part of America. Addie has been giving tough competition to established brands like Kenmore, Whirlpool and Culligan. Their products include iron filters, softeners, and drinking water systems both for residential and commercial purposes.

The Addie water softeners use the 5 step procedure to give clean and soft water fit for consumption and everyday use. In the first stage the hard water is passes through a normal softening valve that directs is through a resin. The softened water is sent to the household plumbing from here.

In the second step is a cleaning process and it lasts about 10 minutes. Control valve reverses the flow of the water to the mineral tank and water runs backwards to the drain line. The beads in the backwash lift and separate the particles and prepare the water for the next cycle. The mineral tank is big enough for the resin beads to lift and separate the sediments. This is especially helpful if the water has high iron content.

The next step is the cleaning process and it lasts approximately for one hour. In this step strong salts releases the iron ions and forces them to flow into the drain line. Iron ions are replaced by potassium and sodium ions. Excess sodium and potassium chloride is rinsed.

In the last two steps the resin beads give a final rinse and make the tank ready for another service cycle. Fresh water is allowed by the control valve once again into the brine tank.

This in short is how addie water softeners work. If you want detailed flow chart there are several websites that will give a clearer picture of this procedure.

Although not a national brand addie water softeners do their job efficiently and can be used for years at a stretch. Hardness test strips can be used to check the quality of the water in maybe two regeneration cycles the strips will show zero hardness and you will get clean soft water. However, if the iron contamination is high the chances of the resin beads fouling can occur and in such situations the resin may need to be changed.

Over all it is a good product and you don’t have to spend a bomb to get one. Your clothes will feel softer and will look whiter than before and the original gloss will be back on the.