Are cheap water softeners any good?

There are certain things that you have to remember when you decide to buy an appliance only after looking at the price tag; it is your family’s life which is at stake. Not only your family but the appliance will also have far reaching effects on your other appliances which might be top of the line.

Buying a cheap water softener is also something similar to the above situation. You will buy a product because you have been given a sales pitch by the expert salesman. The salesman will give you a warranty of one year and you feel that you have accomplished something great. But before you finally buy a water softener you need to ask yourself a few questions. Why do you need a water softener? If the answer to your question is that you receive water with a hardness of over 10 grains per gallon and the source of water is from a well where the water travels through layers of minerals before it reaches your home then you need to be a bit careful.

There are many brands out there in many stores that will sell you inexpensive water softeners. Remember there is difference between being cheap and inexpensive. Cheap products will never deliver what they promise as they do not promise anything at all in the first place.

As a responsible person you need to lay a lot of importance on the quality of water you drink and use for other purposes like cooking and cleaning. If you for some reason buy a cheap water softener then it is certain that you will be sold a product about which the sales person himself/herself does not know much about. The company that manufactures such products knows only too well that the components used are not going to last more than a year and hence you are given only a years warranty/guarantee.

The type of appliances that you buy will have a far greater effect on different aspects of your life. A cheap water softener will damage your water fixtures, taps, faucets, glass and metal utensils, washing machine, dishwasher, your clothes, and your lovely skin and hair. Ultimately you will be spending more money trying to fix these things and will end up paying more than you originally planned to.

It is advisable that instead of buying any cheap product as far as water softener goes it is better that you be a little magnanimous with yourself and buy a product after consulting your friends and family. A good product which is a bit expensive to begin with but which comes with extended warranty and an after sales service guarantee will definitely save you lots of money in the long run.

The best way to go about buying a water softener is to do some research on the internet. Visit websites and look for features you feel that suit your requirements. Seek professional help if needed and ask for referrals from friends and family. After all water is one commodity you don’t want to mess with.