Badger, the one company that services all your water needs

If you own home or office in the Fond du Lac area and want your water problems addressed then there is one establishment that has been in this business for many years that can take care of your needs, Badger Soft Water Inc. This establishment has the necessary expertise to handle residential, industrial or large commercial water requirements. They are the best in the business for the last 65 years, having commenced operations in the 1940’s.

This family owned business was started by the Promen Brothers. Vic Promen assumed leadership role and opened the first water treatment company. Later on in the 1964 Lee Rasmussen, Vic’s son in law joined and soon became the president and partner in 1971. Continuing in this tradition Lee’s son in law too joined the firm and became a business partner. Over the years consumers in this area and other nearby areas have reposed their faith in this firm due to their high quality service, honesty and fair business practices.

Even as there are newer and newer developments in the water treatment field this company has adopted all the latest developments and provide state of the art service to their clients needs. In fact people in this area look up to Badger Soft Water Inc. as the best independent dealer in the Fond du Lac area.

There are several options for customers to choose from. The most popular is renting the unit for the first six months, and then buying the unit. Different types of systems like the Iron curtain PM6.0- 2.0 Professional series which ensures no iron taste to water and no smell or stains are the current hot brands. If you want to extend the life of your appliances and want great tasting water that does not stain or smells like rotten egg then this is the product for you.

Other models include the H – 100 water softeners that come with a 5 to 10 warranty and one year labor warranty. This is an effective and economic product. The Pro Mate 6 Water softener is for those who are environmentally conscious and want to have the latest state of the art technology to save power bills and salts. This product also has an interesting feature called the “Brine reclaim option”.

Among other models are the EC – Series reverse osmosis filters, the WM3 – water softener with twin tanks (ideal for both residential and commercial applications) and the Reverse Osmosis – Millennium series.

The Badger Soft water Inc also deals in bottle water coolers, sand and sediment filters and several parts used in softeners and filters like control valves, cartridges, reverse osmosis components and housings.

The reason why Badger Soft Water Inc is preferred is because they ensure that the unit is fixed whenever it needs to and people don’t have to wait endlessly for branded unit to be fixed. The badger people know the water around this area well and will test a product for your needs before recommending it you. Plus being an independent dealer they are not obliged to sell you one brand but offer you options that will suit your budget and pocket.

Over all for a quality products and cost savings there is no better name than the Badger Soft Water Inc.