Conetico water softeners and drinking water systems

This is one company that puts in a lot of effort and technical brain power in making systems that offer you 99.99%pure water. Engineers at the company spend substantial amount of money and man hours to fine tune the systems that makes drinking the water from their system a real pleasure. Water softening and filtration is so precise that it is considered 100% microbiologically pure.

As the name suggests the system depends on kinetic energy to soften the water and no electricity is used. This means that you not only save on electricity bills but also get water softened the environmentally friendly way. The basic design is a twin tank design and it means that the water softener is continuously working to soften the water.

The company offers compact water softeners, ideal for small homes and systems that can fit any kitchen. This unit is small only in size but very big on performance. Well water softeners is a product that you should have if your primary source of water is the well. As you know well water travels through layers of mineral deposits and collects a lot of hardness causing calcium and magnesium along with iron. This system is ideally suited to those homes that have extremely hard water. Like all other conetico systems this system also uses the kinetic energy of water to soften the water. It has its patented turbine that ensures clean and soft water. The regeneration is controlled by a meter which decides when to regenerate the system thus reducing your salt consumption and saving you money.

A very unique feature of this product is that it uses soft water to clean itself thus ensuring a longer life for the resin beds. It also regenerates from bottom up and not top down thus ensuring less wastage.

These water softeners are certified by NSF International. The units are validated and the system is approved for food preparation and other uses. It is also certified by the WQA which tests the product performance, capacity and tests the systems on other important parameters.

If you are a home owner and want the best and most reliable system for your home then look no further than conetico water softener. This is a system that delivers more than it promises and that too at a reasonable price. Ideal for homes, small business this is one great product.