Kenmore water softeners to get rid of brown stains on your bathroom fixtures

One of the most common problems caused by hard water is brown and reddish stains on steel utensils and bathroom fixtures like faucets, pipes and other plumbing systems. These are generally caused by iron and other minerals that are present in higher proportions in hard untreated water.

Hard water is basically water that is untreated and obtained straight from the source of water like a lake, or well. Sometimes even the tap water that we get from municipal supplies is hard as it contains dissolved minerals like magnesium, calcium and other metals. The source of the water will dictate the hardness of the water. Water drawn from wells that is moved through layers of mineral deposits will be harder than water from lakes and rivers. The best way to treat this type of water and to avoid brown stains on clothes and fixtures is to use a home water softener.

Water softeners work on the principle of attracting the calcium and magnesium particles and replacing them with sodium ions. This exchange happens in a resin bed that has resin beads. A normal water softener has three parts Resin tank, Resin beds, and Brine tank.

The resin tank has resin beds and is made of tiny beads of styrene and divinylbenzene. The beads attract the positively charged calcium and magnesium ions to itself and releases or exchanges them with sodium ions. The brine tank has a dissolved solution that regenerates the resin bed by removing the calcium and magnesium and replacing them with sodium. This is done by washing the beads with a solution of salt water. The waste calcium and magnesium is then washed out of the system. Thus the resin beads are once again ready to soften the water.

Kenmore is a reputed name in the water treatment industry. They have a line of products that suit the needs of small, medium and large homes. In fact Kenmore is now a household name in many countries. Several models from the Ultrasoft 175 to Ultrasoft 880 are available to home owners. The Ultrasoft 175 is ideal for a small family of three and the Ultrasoft 880 is ideal for a large family consisting of grown up children and parents. Some of the models have additional features like language settings and digital clocks to set the cycle. Some models also double up as water filters and filter out large particles of other material that maybe present in the water.

When you install a Kenmore water softener you can be assured of no brown stains on your fixtures, soft clothes, whiter whites, and an extended life of other appliances like boilers, irons and other bathroom fittings. Detergent use for washing machines and dishwashers also sees a dramatic dip as the water being soft does not need extra detergent to make rich lather. Brighter clothes appear bright and white look even whiter.

Both types of water softeners are available in the Kenmore product range, automatic softeners and demand initiated regenerators. The softeners are easy to install and require minimum maintenance over their entire life cycle, which by the way may last a life time.