Why Braswell water softeners are considered good?

Quality of water differs from location to location and it is the quality of water that often leads to our appliances failing or proving too expensive to use. Not only do the equipments fail and work less efficiently they also cost us more in terms of operational costs and replacements. Hard water is a problem that we have to deal with whether we use water for residential purposes or for commercial establishments. Hard water also necessitates the use of high amount of detergent for washing machines and dish washers. Pipes, plumbing fixtures and other bathroom fittings get stained and corrode due to the presence of calcium and magnesium in water. This causes wear and tear of costly equipment thus increasing our cost of living.

Braswell is the probable answer if you are facing water problems. This equipment is good for use if you get municipal water or are drawing water from a well. Braswell is known brand that has been in the business for some time now and is offering both single tank and multiple tank water softeners. The quality of water treated with Braswell is as good as any water treated with a high quality water softener. Heavy metals, calcium, magnesium and iron are removed and water is made soft.

The unique feature of the Braswell water softeners is that they have valves that have the capacity to deliver up to 25 gallons or more of water per minute. And this continues for years together without a breakdown.

The equipment has state of the art electronic controllers that are easy to program according you needs thus maximizing the efficiency of the equipment. The rugged construction of the water softener also ensures that you get years of trouble free service.

Both commercial and residential establishments are served by Braswell. In fact for commercial establishments it is important that the best products are used to guarantee the best use of all resources, more importantly water. Any commercial enterprise that does not get soft water on demand is likely to face severe hardships and will eventually be left behind due to the losses incurred. The Braswell commercial system can deliver all your water needs round the clock without fail.

Installation and maintenance is easy and there is hardly any downtime. The equipment not only supplies soft water but also improves the quality of water by filtering and conserving water. Operation cost is at its bare minimum with this system as the salts used in this system is almost one third less than what is used by other water softeners.

Braswell water softeners are also an asset in your home. It takes care of your clothes and ensures that you spend less on your detergents. The quality of the water ensures that your equipments run trouble free and efficiently. Two types of models of water softeners are offered by Braswell for home use, the single tank and the twin tank.

For crystal clear soft water Braswell is the name you can trust.