A whole house water purification system ensures clean and purified water for your home

Water purification is becoming a necessity. Over the decades all sources of water have become polluted. In spite of water treatment systems in place, contaminants like bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, toxic metal, iron, chlorine are present. If you are facing problem like staining and scaling in bathrooms, spots on kitchenware, clogging of pipes and find the water unclear then some of these contaminants are surely present in water you use. Whole house water purification system is what you need to install to ensure clean and purified water throughout your house.

Whole house water purification systems are designed to remove most contaminants right before they enter the plumbing system. These systems are highly effective and give maximum performance at minimum maintenance. You have to determine the best one that would be required depending upon your family’s water usage. There are compact as well as larger models available with different types of units to ensure removal of most contaminants. Distillation is commonly used for purification. However, the cost of operations involved are higher. Other systems which are cost effective methods like ion exchange, carbon absorption, reverse osmosis, microporous filtration and UV treatment are preferred.

UV treatment for purification is preferred where there is large presence of viruses, bacteria, cryptosporidium, giardia, fungi and mold spores. There is a UV lamp enclosed in a quartz sleeve which produces ultraviolet light. The light which penetrates cell walls of waterborne pathogens deactivates their DNA. The pathogens thus do not reproduce.

Microporous filtration using depth filters, screen filters and surface filters is also popular. These systems are designed to remove all particles and microorganisms in water depending on the pore size of filter. The system of ultrafiltration works as molecular sieves. Dissolved molecules of contaminants like microorganisms and colloids are destroyed. These systems are highly cost and energy efficient and much preferred.

Carbon absorption method is an effective purification system. Granular activated carbon and solid block carbon methods of purification are highly effective and can remove contaminates like lead, asbestos, coliform and other harmful chemicals.

Ion exchange purification system is designed to enable removal of dissolved inorganic material in water. Softening and deionization are two methods that may be used. Water purification is done by cleaning ions of contaminants in water using a bead shaped resin material. This method is often used before reverse osmosis to ensure removal of most harmful contaminants. Reverse osmosis (RO) purification method is being widely used as it has shown success rate of 90% to 99% against different contaminants.

Culligan, Kinetico, Pur, Kenmore, Aquasana, GE, Whirlpool and Wellness offer different whole house water purification systems. There are several whole house reverse osmosis system models from Crystal Quest filtration systems to choose from depending upon your home usage need and your budget. Others like Wellness MG3 whole house water purification systems also have capability to remove chlorine, chlorinated hydrocarbons, pesticides, chloramines, and trihalomethanes. A very popular whole house system is Aquasana’s Rhino whole house water filter. It has been designed to efficiently remove most contaminants and ensure clean and pure water throughout the household. It is virtually maintenance free for three years.

Whole house water purification system is installed right at the point of entry. You are thus assured of purified water at each faucet and water source. Choose the right water purifier and enjoy the benefits of clean, pure and healthy water for the entire household.