Have whole house water softeners to get soft water at every point of use

If you are experiencing scale buildup on kitchenware and bathroom tiles, there is a great possibility that you are getting hard water. When there is an excessive amount of calcium and magnesium in water it is called as hard water. What you need is a system that reduces such contaminants from water throughout your household. You can choose from several whole house water softeners available which soften water and often double up as filters.

Hard water not only tastes bad but also leaves your bathrooms, kitchenware with scales and stains due to contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, iron, sulfur, lime Installing whole house water softeners and filters can really make a difference. Whole house water softeners would ensure you get softened water at all points of use rather than installing water softeners for all faucets and points of use.

In the process of softening, water is passed through a bed of resin. There is exchange of positively and negatively charged ions as a part of the process. In other words softeners replace calcium and magnesium with sodium ions. Water coming from this process is called as soft water. Over a period of time the resin is saturated with calcium and magnesium. It is necessary to regenerate using high sodium content producing brine. Sodium replaces calcium and magnesium and the unit is ready to be used again. Whole house water softeners are usually combined with whole house filtration system. Water softener systems may be electric single tank softener or hydraulic twin tank softener. Two tank softening is often preferred as softening and regeneration processes are carried out alternately.

There are several manufactures of whole house water softeners and filters. Culligan, Kinetico, GE are among the top players. Culligan whole house water softeners are popular for their efficiency and ability to remove dissolved mineral before they enter the house and lead to scale buildup in water heating systems and other appliances where water is used. There are good systems from Kinetico that do not use electric energy but use the kinetic energy of moving water to power its systems. The regeneration method is also innovative where systems regenerate from the bottom up which enables efficient use of resin beads and less wastage and uses less salt. There are several whole house water softeners from Top &Top water systems with their Deluxe and Premium water softener series. Depending upon the type of water; city or well water, contaminants present in water and the need to remove or reduce them you can find one that suits your needs perfectly.

Whole house water softeners ensure more refreshing, hardness free water in the kitchen, bathroom and even utility rooms. In your kitchen you would find your glassware and dishes spotless and even eliminates roughness of hands often caused by hard water. A soft water shower is a refreshing one and also revives health of your hair making them soft to touch. Overall you would see a reduction in use of cleaning material.

Whole house water softeners reduce problems like clogging of pipes, reduced efficiency of appliances and unclean feeling to clothes and kitchenware. They are a good solution to get freedom from hard water.