Read reviews about various whole house water filtration systems before you buy one for your home

Whole house water filtrations units are extremely useful when the water you receive contains several harmful contaminants. Whole house systems ensure you clean and purified water at all points of use. These systems are preferred over point of use systems like faucet filters. There are several advantages of using whole house systems. Among the popular whole house systems are Rhino EQ-300, Kinetico, Wellness MG-III, EcoWater and Pelican PC1000. It would be easier for you to choose the right filtration system based on reviews posted by customers on various sites.

Reviews about the whole house filtration systems enable you to get a really good idea on the performance of various models. The reviews give and insight into the pros and cons of all products. The Aquasana whole house system; Rhino EQ-300 are highly popular systems. Most reviews on various sites suggest customers are happy with its functioning. Rhino EQ-300 are 3 stage house water filters with an ability to remove sediments, iron, lead, mercury and bad taste and odor from water. Most customers in their reviews express happiness about its quality. Customer who have installed it a couple of years ago also feel they are working flawlessly. They have not experienced any problems with the system and have followed the manufacturer’s instructions well. The taste of water has improved drastically as the odor and bad taste were effectively removed. One reviewer even shared a fantastic incident. The customer who had his system installed by their reliable plumber, shares that his plumber earlier made fun of him for installing the system. However, after tasting the water he finally installed a similar system at his house. Moreover, the customer was relieved that there is no occasional stinky smell in the shower.

Another happy customer feels that the filter works as it is claimed. He even had the water tested for chlorine and test results showed zero parts per million. The only improvement he suggests is to include all brass fittings so that the system lasts longer. He is unhappy with the plastic fittings as they sometimes tend to break or cause leakage. There are other customers as well who warn about the plastic valves used in this system. Some even had to face water leakage to a large extent as the plastic valve broke. Otherwise, they feel there are no issues about the filtration system; it is good at filtering all contaminants that they claim to clean.

Another good system is the Kinetico whole house water filtration system. Reviews about it suggest that people are mainly impressed that it does not need electricity for function. They do not have to worry about high monthly bill on installation of these systems. There are different systems like RO systems and filters and softeners they offer. The system effectively reduces hardness of water giving a healthy feel every time you use it. Customers are pleased with how well these systems work and they are free from cloudy dishes, glasses and shower doors. Even the clothes have a cleaner and softer feel. One customer living in the country side was impressed with the quality of cleaning of water by the system. Moreover they were impressed that the system could be installed in a small space available and did not need electricity to work.

If you are planning to buy either of the systems, you can find detailed reviews on various sites. Some research for buying would ensure you get the best system with an ability to improve quality of water for your entire household.