Whole house water filter systems ensure water is cleaned and purified

Generally at home you would install point of use filtering systems mostly at the faucet you use for drinking water. Sometimes though, there are contaminants like iron, manganese, dirt, sand that often damage bathroom fixtures and cause staining and scaling. Iron and scale buildup due to hard water often damages plumbing system throughout your homes. Whole house water filter systems rather than a point of use filters are better in such situations that ensure clean and purified water from every faucet. According to level of contamination of water you may find an appropriate filtration system for your household.

You can find some very good whole house water filter systems. Aquasana’s Rhino EQ-300, Wellness MG-III, GE household water filtration unit, Crystal Quest’s Eagle compact, Culligan and Whirlpool are among the most widely used systems. They use the latest filtration technology to ensure effective reduction and removal of contaminants like sediment, chlorine, iron, sulfur, sand and rust. Filtered water is safer, healthier and tastier. For example Aquasana’s Rhino EQ-300 has the efficiency to remove chlorine and bad taste and odor from water. It is virtually maintenance free. The Wellness MG-III also helps remove harmful contaminants without reducing useful minerals from water

Whole house water filter systems usually have about four to eight stages of filtration. The first stage often involves using sediment filter that helps reduce sediments, silt, sand and dirt. If these are eliminated you can expect minimal damage of plumbing as well as kitchen appliances and fixtures. Usually ion exchange resin, filter pads, GAC and other filters are used in next steps which ensure effective removal of hundreds of other contaminants. A solid carbon filter is often used in the last stage as it has the ability to remove volatile organic carbon (VOCs) compounds like insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents.

Whole house water filter systems are useful not just to purify and clean water but it ensures you get purer air. As filtration is done immediately after water enters the plumbing system, it prevents chemicals like chlorine from being released into air. Whole house systems have ability to handle larger water flow than point of use systems. Removal of sediments ensures minimal damage to plumbing system and appliances like washer, dryer and water heater. You can save on costs on heating appliances which need more power when there are contaminants and problems like scaling. Eventually you would find clean, fresh feel to your clothes and reduction in soap scum on dishes. If you have softeners with filtration systems there you can find a marked reduction in scaling associated with hard water. You can get relief from unsightly staining and scaling of bathroom and kitchenware. When you wash your face, softened water would give your skin a softer and cleaner feel.

Whole house water filter systems enable you to get pure, clean and safe water anytime you want throughout your household. Drinking water quality is as good quality as bottled water. You would face lesser problems to your plumbing system, water heating appliances and other household appliances too once you install whole house water filter systems.