Whole house water filters for chlorine

Whole house water for chlorine removal ensure you chlorine free water and air throughout the household

Now with growing presence of contaminants in water, it is very vital to have water filters installed in your homes. Usually you would install point of use systems for drinking water faucet, to ensure that you get clean and purified water for cooking, drinking and washing vegetables. There are several types of filters available to remove sediments, rust, chlorine and other contaminants from water.

Even if chlorine is often used for water purification; it may not be always healthy. Moreover, if chlorine is present in water, it may be released into air. It becomes necessary to have whole house water filter for chlorine removal.

You may have faced this problem often; if there is a taste of chlorine in water, you often keep your glass of water away and prefer a flavored drink instead. Although, chlorine is known as a savior against cholera and other water borne diseases, it reacts with other naturally occurring elements to form toxins trihalomethanes (THMs).

THMs are often causes of maladies like asthma, eczema and even bladder cancer. Thus there is increasing preference to water filters that can remove chlorine from water. Moreover, when you use a hot shower or heat water for any purpose, chlorine is released into air which in turn can be harmful. To eliminate such problems, a whole house water filter with ability to remove chlorine can be installed.

There are very good quality filters that can remove chlorine from water. Among most popular ones is the Aquasana Rhino EQ-300 water filter. It is the most valuable appliance to have in your homes. Its performance ensures bottled water quality throughout the household. It works as a point of entry system to reduce chlorine resistant parasites and chlorine before water enter the plumbing of your homes.

Mostly, activated carbon filters are effective in removing chlorine from water. The Rhino EQ-300 contains bituminous activated carbon filter in its stage 3 and 4 of filtration ensuring improved performance and removal of chlorine and most contaminants from water.

The RS-CITY-CJ10 and SJ8 filters from AquaCera are specially designed for hard city chlorinated water purification. The special blend of granular activated carbon filter ensures maximum removal of chlorine, THMs, chloramines, PAHs (chloramines byproduct) and VOCs like pesticides, herbicides and other industrial contaminants.

Various models from Culligan in their Gold Series and Medallist series are very effective at reducing chlorine taste and odor from water. The Home master water filter, Model HMF3SFedgC 3 stage sediment, iron and carbon filter is designed to provide you relief from several contaminants from water lie iron, dirt, chlorine, chemicals and bad taste and odor from water. The Deluxe whole house filter with UV from Crystal Pure Water systems is also suitable for chlorinated city water. The activated carbon filter with backwash in its second stage enables removal of aesthetic chlorine, odor and taste from water.

Whole house water filters with ability to remove chlorine, sediments and other contaminants are a good investment to make for the entire household. You can ensure good health of your loved ones. Whole house systems are preferred over point of use systems to ensure clean and pure water at every point of use throughout your home.