Whole house water filtration systems enable clean and pure water throughout your home

Contaminants like sediments, iron, manganese, dirt and sand are not just harmful for consumption but they lead to problems like clogging of pipes, staining of bathrooms, scaling and so on. It is better to use whole house water filtration systems rather than point of use filters that are attached mostly near your drinking water faucet, Whole house water filtration systems are installed at a point where water enters your homes plumbing system. It enables removal of contaminants before they get into plumbing system.

Whole house water filtration systems are designed to handle larger water flow. You are ensured of clean and purified water throughout the household. Moreover, whole house filtration not only improves quality of water but also helps improve air quality. As water is purified at initial levels it ensures removal of harmful chemicals like chlorine before it vaporizes into air when you use it in showers and dishwashers. Chlorine vapors are unhealthy and if inhaled may cause allergies and asthma. The carcinogenic effects of drinking and inhaling water containing chlorine and other chemicals are reduced. It prevents embedding of chemicals into clothes. There is a substantial reduction in the use of detergents in laundry and dishwashing. Your clothes are softer, cleaner and fresher.

Whole house water filtration systems have about four to eight stages of filtration. The first stage is often a sediment filter to remove sediments, silt, sand and dirt that are responsible for clogging of filters which reduces the filter’s efficiency. Similarly, it prevents damage to kitchen appliances and fixtures. Ion exchange resin, water atomization, filter pads and GAC are typically the next steps to ensure removal of hundreds of contaminants. A solid carbon filter may be the last step to ensure removal and reduction in Volatile organic carbon (VOCs) compounds like insecticides, pesticides and industrial solvents. Water softeners with filtration systems can substantially reduce scaling and staining caused due to hard water. There would be a marked reduction in costs of cleaning and you may feel an overall freshness and a clean sparkle to things.

Whole house water filtration systems can filter about 10000 to 100000 gallons of water. You may have customized filtration systems depending upon the contaminants present in water. While buying check the filter size, filter life, flow rate and port size of the units. Flow rate must be check to ensure uninterrupted and adequate water pressure even during peak use throughout your house. Moreover, it is easy to maintain as it is at a single point and safe from any sort of shampoo or food splashes. Thus, it lasts longer and gives quality results.

There are whole house water filtration systems like Wellness MG-III, Crystal Quest’s Eagle compact, Aquasana’s Rhino EQ-300, GE household water filtration unit, Culligan and Whirlpool filtration units that. They are designed using latest filtration techniques and ensure removal of chlorine, iron, sulfur, sediment, sand, rust and other harmful chemicals.

Using whole house water filtration systems clean and pure water is available at every point of use. The effect can be seen when you use it for laundry, washing dishes and kitchenware, shower or any other purpose. There is a growing confidence in whole house systems to save the entire household from the ill effects of contaminated water.