Whole house water purification system with UV is highly effective against microbiological contaminants

Water contamination is a problem in cities and even the countryside. Viruses and bacteria present in water are often the reason waterborne diseases. The UV technology that has been used for a long time in industrial and commercial applications is now gaining popularity in residential sector also. Whole house water purification systems with UV are desirable to remove wide variety of pathogenic microorganisms.

Ultraviolet (UV) technology is becoming popular as there is no addition of chemicals to water. Moreover, it does not waste any water and is easy and inexpensive to maintain. Various pathogenic microorganisms lead to different waterborne diseases. These organisms have a cell wall, a cytoplasm membrane and a DNA bearing nucleic acid. The concept in usage of UV treatment is to destroy the DNA molecules. In these systems the UV lamp is enclosed in a quartz sleeve. The most commonly used lamp is the mercury vapor lamp. It has energy output of 265 nm which effectively kills microbes. When UV light penetrates the cell wall and cytoplasm membrane the nucleic acid absorbs it. As UV energy rearranges DNA molecules, the cells are unable to reproduce. Microbes are then considered dead for all practical purposes and do not remain harmful.

There are different whole house UV treatment units. Pura Single UV-20 systems are designed to effectively disinfect water. It is a point of entry purification system that is installed in the main water feed of your house. It filters at a flow rate of 8 to 10 gallons per minute. It effectively removes microbiological contaminants from water and ensures healthy water for all purposes. There are some other systems as well. Pura Two stage UV-20 system uses UV technology and provides additional filtration using a 5 micron sediment filter. Pura three stage UV-20 provides additional filtration along with UV treatment. There is a sediment filter as well as a carbon block filter which removes impurities like chlorine, heavy metals and chlorine byproducts.

Another popular system is the Trojan UVMax whole house systems. Like other UV systems these systems also disinfect water by destroying e.coli, cryptosporidium, giardia and other microbiological contaminants. Trojan UVMax systems are gaining popularity for their innovative design. There is a unique water chamber that helps optimize hydraulic performance and improves efficiency of disinfection. Moreover, the power supply technology used enables power supply over a broad range of voltage supplies. The UV intensity monitors with these whole house systems help monitor levels of UV dosage to ensure that safe disinfecting dose is always present.

The Deluxe Iron Eater 125 UV series whole house systems from RainDance water systems are also highly useful. They are effective against iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide as well as microbiological contaminants.

UV treatment units are gaining popularity as these systems require very little maintenance, are easy to operate and are economical. The best thing about UV systems is that they do not introduce any harmful chemicals to water. Whole house water purification systems with UV are highly effective against microbiological contaminants. You are assured of high level purity of water, not just chemicals and heavy metals but other harmful contaminants causing waterborne diseases.