If you find a farm for sale in ontario ensure it has good water system suitable for fruit trees

If you are planning to grow fruit trees and are looking for a farm in Ontario there are few things that you need to keep in mind. Look for a farm in Ontario with a good water supply. You can grow top quality fruits trees in specific parts of Ontario which have a unique blend of climate, geography and soils. There are different areas with a blend of good soil and climate suitable for large growth of apples, peaches, grapes, apricots, plums, prunes, cherries, raspberries and even northern kiwi and saskatoons in limited quantities.

The major fruit growing regions of Ontario are Essex-Kent, Huror-Erie, Norfold Brant, Niagara, Peel-Halton and York Durham, Quinte, Georgian Bay, Ottawa Valley and northern Ontario. If you plan to plant apples and if you find a farm for sale in these areas of Ontario make sure there is sufficiently good water supply.

The apple producing areas of Ontario are mainly along the shores of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. The large water bodies are reason why apples and a variety of fruit crops can be grown in the region. As the temperature of lakes change slowly the temperatures of the adjacent shores also changes slowly. Late spring frosts and early fall frosts are thus buffered helping an extended growing season.

Similarly the Niagara Escarpment also provides good apple growing condition around the area. There is a huge variety of fertile soils in these area, clays to sandy loams, which are highly suitable for growing apples mainly.

Irrigation is important as it helps establish good root systems in new orchards and vineyards. Similarly its helps improve plant hardiness during winter times when the frost can be harmful to the fruit trees. Water is important for plants as it assists in uptake of nutrients which reduces deficiencies and helps increases fruit size and overall crop yield. Depending upon the crop, soil type and rainfall received you would have to decide on the irrigation needs.

At various stages of growth you have to ensure that you carefully irrigate your fruit crop. Newly planted trees would require less amount of water as compared to mature trees. They would however, need it more often. If water is inadequate the growth of plant may be stunted. Careful irrigation supports development of deep and extensive root system. A deep root system ensures efficient use of water by the trees and a good crop every season.

Fruit trees bear good fruit if you irrigate deeply and several times. Ensure that you do not apply water near the base of tree. Make a basin under the tree and fill it up with water every 15 to 20 days. In summers water at shorter intervals while in cooler weather you can keep longer intervals. Fruit trees like apricots, figs, peaches, grapes require less water once establish.

If you plan to have a variety of fruit trees from your farm at Ontario, you may also provide water using drip irrigation system for the whole orchard. If you consider the apple fruit tree cultivation, about 90 percent of processing apples are used to make juice and flavored water.

Fruit tree need less amount of water, if you provide appropriate amount in the right weather conditions you can surely enjoy a good crop.