Baking soda in bath water is a very easy home remedy for skin care

You have a very good friend at home, in your kitchens. You would surely be using baking soda in the kitchen for various purposes. You may be aware of its cleansing properties. They are really a big help to get burnt food, dried food easily removed from pot bottoms. Have you heard of its others benefits to your skin? Yes, its true, baking soda is very helpful in many ways for your skin when added to your bath water. It gives your skin a wonderful soothing and soft effect.

You have a very easy and handy treatment at home to include in your skin care routine. Baking soda can be used in several ways to make your skin refreshed and soft. A rejuvenating and relaxing bath makes for a great recipe for your healthy skin. Epsom salt, baking soda in bath water are common detox bath recipes. Take one cup of sea salts, two cups of baking soda and a cup of Epsom salts. Mix them well and store in a glass jar with a lid. This mixture can be used for around 16 baths with a measure of about 1/4th cup of mixture need in you bath water.

How does this mixture help draw toxins out of your body? Naturopath Dr. Hazel Parcells explains it. The hot water pulls toxins out of the body and brings them to the skin surface. Epsom salts make you sweat which is our body’s natural way of releasing toxins. Poisons are naturally drawn out of the body as water naturally cools. In the process baking soda encourages leaching of poisons from your system. The hotter the water more thorough would your detox be. About twenty to thirty minutes of soak in a bath is helpful. Just make sure that you check with your doctor about a detox bath if you are diabetic or have heart disease. Such a bath is also said to counter the effect of radiation like X-rays, cancer treatment radiation, etc. You may want to add a bit of glycerin or aloe gel or other essential oils to bath water if you have dry skin.

You may be already aware of using baking soda paste to get relieve from itching. However, if you have an overall itch problem then a soda bath may be more effective. Add about one box of baking soda to bath water with adding any soap. Soak for around 20 to 30 minutes and get out of tub without rinsing off. You would find immense relief from the itching.

If you have discomfort due to sunburn a bath with baking soda in bath water provides great respite. Baking soda is safe for children’s bath too. You can add it to your little one’s bath water. It helps in reducing the diaper rash irritation.

Baking soda in bath water for a detox bath relaxes your body as well as rejuvenates it. Baking soda is available cheap, you need not worry about having to spend huge amount on skin care anymore. As it is safe for the environment you would cause very little harm to environment as well as yourself.