Club soda and sparkling water are similar with a few subtle differences

Carbonated water or carbonated soft drinks have become a part of our diet. Carbonated drinks are made by dissolving carbon dioxide gas into plain water. You may find several variations of carbonated drinks like sparkling water, fizzy water, seltzer, club soda, flavored carbonated drinks, carbonated soft drinks and several others. The base i.e. carbonated water is the same but other ingredients like salts, flavors may change. You may then ask whether “club soda and sparkling water are same?” There is not much difference in the two other than a few different ingredients which are present in club soda.

The process usually used to make carbonated water is by passing pressurized carbon dioxide through water. As the solubility of water increases due to the pressure it allows more carbon dioxide to dissolve. Usually it is bottled in this condition. When the bottle is opened pressure is released. It causes gas from the solution to come out due to which you find bubbles. Carbonated water was initially called as soda water. Later it was also referred as sparkling water and seltzer water. Seltzer water is derived from German town Selters meaning “water from Selter”. Naturally carbonated water from Selters is commercially bottled and shipped to other countries as well. Various types of soda water or carbonated water are present with subtle differences to identify them.

Sparkling water is a bit different from club soda. Sparkling water may be produced naturally or by adding carbon dioxide to water. Usually there are no other ingredients in it. However, most commonly it is simple carbonated water. Flavors may be added but the foundation remains carbonated water. Club soda differs a bit from sparkling water. The difference lies in the way it is produced. There is a little amount of salt in club soda. Now, commercial club soda manufacturers also add other ingredients like sodium bicarbonate, sodium citrate and potassium carbonate. Club soda is much milder and may even be slightly sweeter tasting than sparkling water or carbonated water. The ingredients like potassium bicarbonate help dull the sharp burn.

For those dieters who do not want to add up calories, club soda is a great alternative to their favorites like Mountain Dew, 7-Up or tonic water.

When making drinks, club soda and sparkling water, either of them can be used. The drink’s quality depends upon the soda used and its strength and saltiness and even the smooth fizz of sparkling water.

Often there are concerns expressed when carbonated drinks are concerned. There are those who express concerns over effect of sparkling water and club soda on bone density and tooth decay. Though there is some effect in these areas, studies suggest it is negligible and not really at alarming levels.

Club soda and sparkling water are nearly similar barring a few small differences. Club soda is useful to a certain extent. Sparkling water has several health benefits and is quite a bit analogous to water and pretty much safe for consumption.