Ddifference between seltzer water and soda water

You may all be drinking carbonated water quite often. Carbonated water gets the name as it contains carbon dioxide gas. It gets a bubbly, effervescent texture because of the gas. That is what most people find enjoyable. Soda water, club soda, bubbly water, seltzer water are some other names of carbonated water. You may now be wondering if all are the same. The base for most is carbonated water; however, there are a few ingredients here and there which may differ in each. Let us consider what is the difference between seltzer water and soda water?

Now many people are moving towards drinking healthier drinks rather than soft drinks with their meals. Water no doubt is best, but there are some carbonated drinks like seltzer water, soda water, alkalized water which are also healthy. Standard carbonated drinks mostly contain some sweeteners. Soda water is fizzy, but milder and kinder than other drinks. The main thing is that there is sodium, potassium bicarbonate and potassium sulfate mostly added to it. That dulls the sharp burn of effervescence. The main thing about club soda is that it does not contain calories which make it a good alternative to 7-UP, Mountain Dew and even tonic water.

The origin of the name seltzer water comes from German town of Nieder Selters. The naturally carbonated water from the spring in this town has been commercially shipped around the world for centuries now.

Seltzer water on the other hand is usually naturally occurring fizzy drink. However, now there is some commercial man-made seltzer water that is even available. As against soda water, seltzer water does not contain sodium. Naturally occurring seltzer water usually passes through several layers of minerals in the ground that may be interlaced with some carbonates. As water passes through it, it absorbs some of the carbon dioxide given off by these carbonates. That is what makes it carbonated water.

Soda water as well as seltzer water is healthy as well as tasty. Most manufacturers are adding minerals and vitamins to them. The nutrients in the water are rather helpful for your body to help replenish the deficient nutrients. The two drinks other than a few small differences are equally good. Soda water with a flavor of your choice added to it can be an enjoyable but healthy drink. When you buy them ensure that you screen the labels for detailed list of its constituents.

What more do you need if there are drinks like soda water and seltzer water that can quench your fizzy cravings. You can even add seltzer water and soda water to warm versions like apple cider. They do taste great. Moreover, often sodas tend to make you feel dehydrated while seltzer water and soda water help you keep hydrated and feel much better. They are a healthy alternative to sodas and suitable even for your children.

There are few subtle differences between seltzer water and soda water. You can choose them as healthier alternatives to sodas or soft drinks.