Find out how much baking soda is needed to alkalize drinking water

Water is vital for a healthy body. The pH level of our digestive system has to be balanced to ensure overall health. However, due to the current life style, eating habits and even stress, the pH levels become acidic. It can negatively affect and lead to fatigue, tiredness and other ailments. Studies suggest drinking alkalized drinking water to help retain the pH levels may be beneficial. An easy way is to add baking soda to water. The next thing to understand is how much baking soda is required to make alkalized drinking water.

Typically the tap water that you receive is just neutral water with a pH of around 7. You can easily make alkalized water at home. There are several ways to make it, but one of the simplest is to add the right amount of baking soda to drinking water. Baking soda helps increase the pH of water. The amount of baking soda required may differ to some extent. It depends on the source of drinking water.

Depending upon the source of drinking water the amount of soda may vary a bit. However, usually the amount needed is half teaspoon of baking soda for a gallon of normal drinking water. Mix it well. You can buy a test meter from your regular chemical store. Use the strip to check if the water is alkaline with the quantity added. In case it is not, add some more baking soda and check again. If you find the level correct just note down how many teaspoons were required for future use.

Drink alkalized water regularly if your system seems to have reached acidic levels. Our body system is actually designed to handle imbalance. Extreme acidic levels of our body system can lead to ill effects. It may affect neural functions and even affect heart beats. Using alkalized water helps keep properly hydrated which helps the function of our body systems. It neutralizes the stomach acids and helps remove toxins from the body.

Drinking alkaline water has several advantages. Some experts even suggest using alkaline iodized water. It is even more beneficial for our body. It mainly helps reduce toxins from the body. Moreover, intracellular hydration improves which helps keep you energetic. Additionally it helps replenish the shortfall of minerals like sodium, calcium and potassium in our body. The most important benefit is that it ensures that toxic waste from the body is not dumped in the cell system and is properly thrown out.

Including baking soda in even your gout diet helps. As it is an alkalizing agent it makes uric acid more soluble. This helps its easy and increased removal from the body. It also helps dissolve the MSU gout crystals which make it easy to get relief from the problem.

It is very important to note that baking soda is no doubt very useful for making alkalized drinking water. However, it is important to take it in the right amounts.
For people with high sodium levels, heart ailments and so on it is necessary to seek advice of your doctors so that intake of baking soda would not cause any complications. Make sure to find out how much is healthy before you use it.