Lavender soda water is a perfect refreshing drink for summers

Do you love soda water? What do you feel about flavored soda water? Most of you would be fans of flavored soda water. With home soda maker machines it has become easier to make soda water at home. There are even soda water flavor mixes that are available, so that you can add the flavors of your choice. One very interesting and healthy one is lavender soda water which is gaining popularity.

Soda water is popular with all. It has long been considered as a healthy drink. The fizz and taste of soda water makes it a refreshing drink for all seasons. Lavender soda water drink is being seen as a refreshing drink for the summers especially. There are companies like Dry Soda company who have introduced very interesting flavored sodas. They are relatively low on sugar and found in some very interesting combinations. They have Lavender, Juniper, Rhubarb, Lemongrass, Vanilla Bean and Kumquat flavor sodas in the market.

If you pick up the Dry Soda company’s Lavender flavor, the ingredients make for some interesting reading. It only contains natural extracts, carbonated water, cane sugar and phosphoric acid. You can clearly enjoy the taste of lavender. It has a slightly sweet and somewhat acidic lavender flavored taste.

Some people even create their own recipes to have a refreshing drink. Some recipes are very interesting yet easy. You may try the lavender lemon soda recipe. For the summers it turns out to be a revitalizing and refreshing icy beverage. All you need is water, sugar, fresh lavender florets, soda water and ice. Make a mixture of water, sugar and lavender in a saucepan and simmer on gentle heat. Steep for 5-10 minutes and then chill; your lavender syrup is ready. To make lavender soda water, add ¼ cup of lavender syrup and ¼ cup lemon juice over ice. Fill the glass with soda water and serve. It is a wonderful tasty and refreshing drink after a tiring time in the sun.

A little variation to this recipe would be that of lavender lemonade. Add syrup, lemon juice and vodka to a glass with ice. Top with sparkling water or soda water. The best summer drink is ready. You may even add white rum; that too has a great taste.

Companies like SodaStream manufacture soda water makers. You can easily make the lavender soda water at home too. Instead of buying soda water from the stores make it with soda water of your liking. Concoct you own lavender soda water recipes. There are some who have even used lavender soda water to make interesting chicken recipe like that of beer batter chicken recipe.

Soda water in itself is a refreshing thing for summer. Add some interesting flavors for summers and have a revitalizing drink to soothe your senses. The fresh, crisp lavender flavor leaves a pleasant aftertaste lingering at the back of your mouth. The taste and flavor of lavender is smooth and subtle. It reminds you of the mountain meadows on a sunny day. Lavender soda water is a wonder drink to have this summer.